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    Shocking! This Is What Soda Does To Your Health

    Soda Drink पीने के शौकीन हैं तो जान ले ये साइड-इफेक्‍ट, भूल जाएंगे पीना | Boldsky

    Every living individual who breathes oxygen should know the name of Joseph Priestly. He not only discovered gaseous oxygen, but he also made another discovery (fortunately or unfortunately), that affected mankind greatly. He invented carbonated water, soda.

    Soda is just plain water which has been infused with carbon dioxide under pressure (carbonation). Plain sodas are not so harmful for the body because the acidity is neutralized by the saliva in the mouth. But when this carbonated water is combined with sugar or artificial sweeteners and flavouring, the pH of this drink becomes harmful for the body as a whole.

    negative effects of soda on the human body

    Soda is consumed by 86% of the world's population on a daily basis in various forms, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, plain soda, with alcohol, etc. An average American consumes one liter or two cans of soda in his everyday diet.

    The sugars and artificial sweeteners present in these drinks are directly released into the bloodstream because there are no other nutrients to be broken down or metabolized by the body. This leads to what we call a "sugar rush." Though it is not the same with sugary foods because the metabolism is slower.

    When this consumption happens on a daily basis, it leads to heart ailments that could lead to death eventually.

    Atherosclerosis is one of the main reasons Coronary artery diseases (CAD) are caused. Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of the artery due to deposition of plaque overtime. This restricts the blood flow through the arteries, thus reducing the oxygen flow through the body.

    This reduced oxygen flow to the body, mainly the heart, causes the cells to be deprived of the oxygen they require. This deprivation of oxygen overtime hardens the otherwise elastic lining of an artery, depositing plaque - a mixtures of calcium, fat, excess sugars. This hardening of the artery lining depreciates the elasticity, further reducing blood flow through the body. This causes heart attacks, dangerous heartbeat patters and eventually death due to heart failure.

    Thus, the more soda you consume, the more is your risk of acquiring a heart disease.

    negative effects of soda on the human body

    The other things drinking soda will do to your body are-

    1. Weight Gain and Ageing:

    Excess sugars get deposited in the body as fat, leading you to gain excess weight just by consuming this sugary-water. The telomeres in chromosomes are known to deteriorate, accelerating the process of ageing.

    2. Deteriorating Skin and Sperm Count:

    Excessive consumption of carbonated water causes an imbalance of pH and glycemic levels in our body. This continued imbalance causes those breakouts and the quality of the skin reduces. This is also seen to reduce sperm motility in men.

    negative effects of soda on the human body

    3. Other Ailments:

    a. Diabetes (type 2) is the most common disease that can be acquired due to soda consumption. This would be because of the sugar that gets released in the bloodstream confusing the insulin in the body.

    b. Proteinuria of the kidney could also occur. In this condition, the kidney cannot filter the proteins properly.

    c. In some cases, an onset of Asthma is also known to be reported.

    4. Calcium Absorption Reduces:

    Osteoporosis is the condition caused by reduced calcium absorption. The sodas we drink have Phosphoric acid. Phosphorus, despite being important to maintain bone density, and too much of it means a reduced absorption of calcium. This imbalance overtime causes bones to get brittle.

    5. Teeth Rotting:

    The bacteria present in our mouth react with the sugar from the soda forming an acid which attacks the enamel of our teeth. That is the tingly feel you get every time you sip on a soda. Such continuous attacks of acid weaken the teeth, causing cavities and tooth decay, ruining our pearly whites.

    If these are not reason enough to stop consuming sodas, the Harvard University in 2013 said in a paper it released that about 180,000 obesity-related deaths worldwide were due to the consumption of these sugary drinks.

    Finding a healthy substitute for this killer drink before it's too late would be wise. It's in our hands whether we will let this seemingly harmless habit of soda-drinking ruin things for us.

    Our choice matters!

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