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    Kinnow Fruit: Health Benefits And Lesser Known Facts

    Many of you might not be aware about one of the most energizing fruits - a kinnow. It is possible that you might have come across this fruit several times when you have gone out shopping for fruits, but it is likely that you could have confused it to be an orange.

    The Kinnow Fruit

    With an almost identical look with that of an orange, kinnow fruits are a hybrid variety of two kinds of citrus cultivars - King (Citrus nobilis) x Willow Leaf (Citrus x deliciosa). Kinnows were first developed at the University of California Citrus Experiment Station by Howard B. Frost.

    kinnow fruit nutritional value

    Commercial cultivation of this fruit began in the year 1935. This fruit is bright reddish orange in colour with a shining and smooth skin, quite similar to that of an orange. These fruits grow widely in Pakistan and are then exported to other countries.

    Ample Benefits Of Eating Kinnows:

    Especially consumed during the winter season, kinnow is a fruit that serves to be a great energizer. It is loaded with fructose, glucose and sucrose along with a good amount of carbohydrates, thus proving to be the best energizer for your body. Read on to know about the other ample health benefits that kinnows can provide.

    1. As mentioned earlier, kinnows are the best source of energy provider for your body.

    2. People with chronic stomach ailments should eat at least one kinnow every day. This will help in curing stomach-related problems. Kinnows are known to enhance metabolism and thus ensure the overall wellness of the body. Kinnows are termed as a medicine for curing unhealthy stomachs.

    3. Without making you feel bloated or heavy in the stomach, kinnows are effectively able to absorb into the tummy and help in the process of digestion. This is considered to be one of the many powerful features of kinnows. People who have a weak tummy or have digestive issues should consider the intake of kinnow juice. This will be more beneficial than consumption of milk.

    4. If you are prone to suffering from heartburn and acidity, then kinnows are just the right fruit for you. This fruit is capable of alleviating acidity due to the presence of mineral salts in large amounts. People maintaining a sedentary lifestyle should include this fruit in their daily diet.

    5. People tend to gorge on junk and sub-standard foods of various kinds, which could be seriously bad for the overall digestive system. Junk food makes the intestine sluggish in nature. Kinnows are known to reduce this sluggishness. Kinnows, being rich in roughage, can relieve you of constipation. It improves the overall health of the intestines.

    6. One of the unique features that kinnow possesses is that of being an anti-poison remedy. The juice of this fruit when prepared with the usage of clean, distilled water is known to improve the functionality of the pancreas. It also enhances the appetite to a great extent. The toxic elements in the body are eliminated with the intake of kinnows. It ensures a healthy body.

    7. This citrus fruit is highly nutritious, as it contains important minerals and vitamins that help in the overall functionality of the body's organs. Consumption of this fruit keeps you fit and active. Kinnows are good for the skin as well. So, if you wish to have a flawless and glowing skin, it is time that you include kinnows in your daily diet.

    Some Of The Less-known Facts About Kinnows:

    • Every 100 ml of kinnow juice contains about 15-20 mg of vitamin C, which is comparatively much higher than other fruits. Therefore, if you consume one glass (about 300 ml) of kinnow juice daily, then you will never show the signs of vitamin C deficiency.
    • The peel of kinnow has found its usage in several cosmetic products. You can make your face glow by applying dried and powdered kinnow peel.
    • Kinnows contain approximately 0.3 percent pectin, which is known for its anti-cancerous properties. This fruit also helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol.
    • Kinnows possess antioxidants in abundant amounts.
    • When compared to other citrus fruits, kinnows contain about 2.5 times more calcium. Low calcium count in the body tends to make your bones weak. Intake of kinnows can solve this issue and ensure that you have strong bones.
    • Kinnows are also known to possess anti-HIV elements.

    After knowing the ample benefits of this fruit, you surely cannot stop yourself from indulging in some of these daily. Apart from being highly nutritious and one of the great sources of energy, kinnows are delicious and can satisfy your taste buds to the extreme.

    So, for your little hunger pangs, you can surely pick this fruit instead of munching on high-calorie snacks. If you were not aware of the many benefits of this fruit, or have not yet eaten it, it is time that you begin to include kinnows in your routine dietary plan on a daily basis.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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