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5 Cardio Workouts You Can Do At Home Without Equipment

By Soumik Ghosh

Exercising at home is indeed an attractive option. Whether you're working from home today, or the weather has got you stranded indoors, or you're just too caught up with work to drive to the gym-in such scenarios what can be better than having an amazing sweat session at home itself?

It offers you convenience, alongside saving money and time. However, the problem that usually pops up when it comes to creating effective home workouts is not having much space or equipment.

But you don't need to worry as we've got you covered on that front. The good part is you don't necessarily have to be creative when you're exercising at home. There is a wide range of effective cardio exercises that you can do at home, without much equipment. And they are sure to get you in shape, help you burn calories, and help you lose weight as well.

Here's our list of the best home cardio exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.

1. Jumping Jacks- In 10 minutes or lesser, jumping jacks burn as much as 100 calories without the need of any special equipment or skills. Do it by jumping repeatedly with feet wide and arms circling overhead; then back again.

Jumping Jacks
Photo Credit: crunchips

How To: You can perform jumping jacks in a circuit-doing it for 30-60 seconds and and backing it up with other cardio exercises, like marching, jogging, jumping rope, etc.

Otherwise, you can even do strength exercises-squats, lunges or push-ups-for 10-30 minutes to alternate 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks. To experiment with variations, try plyo-jacks or stomping your feet out rather than jumping or holding a medicine ball.

2. Jump Rope- It makes a great cardio exercise that results in burning about 220 calories in 20 minutes. On top, jump ropes are inexpensive, using them requires no special skills and the exercise can be done anywhere you have a tiny space.

But let us alert you beforehand, that beginners have a chance of tripping often. If you want to see best results from this high-impact exercise, turn the rope with the wrists (not arms) and land softly. Remember to just jump high enough that clears the rope .

Jump Rope
Photo Credit: ufc

How To: To perform this simple exercise, all you need to do is turn a rope with its handles while jumping over it. You can alternate 10-30 seconds of jumping with other cardio exercises-marching, jogging in place, etc. Then gradually work up to longer jumping sessions.

3. Burpees- Burpees are killer cardio exercises that burn 100 or more calories in just 10 minutes (only if you can go through 10 minutes of this exercise).

Photo Credit: 8fit

How To: Squat on the floor, throw your feet to a plank position, jump back in and then stand up. Keep repeating the same actions. In a cardio circuit, incorporate 30 to 60 seconds of burpees every 3-4 minutes, besides other exercises, like marching, jogging, jumping rope, etc.

If you're following a high-intensity interval training, you need to do 30-60 seconds of burpees followed by 30-60 seconds of rest and then repeating it for 10 or more minutes.

4. Mountain Climber- While building strength and endurance in the core, performing mountain climbers also raises your heart rate. And you need no special skill to do this exercise.

Mountain Climber
Photo Credit: Giphy

How To: It's simple; all you need to do is stretch at a pushup position and then run your knees in and out. Add mountain climbers to your regular cardio circuit by doing them for 30-60 seconds for each rep.

You can also try different variations, say by altering each foot forward and back, or by combining them with other exercises such as burpees, pushups, planks, etc .

5. Kickboxing- Why kickboxing? Well, there is more than one way in which kickboxing can help you. Firstly, and most importantly, if done at the right intensity, it burns over 100 calories in 10 minutes. Secondly, it doesn't require any equipment at all. Finally, it can also help you vent out your aggressions.

Photo Credit: Giphy

How To: It's all about methodical punching, kicking, and combinations, thereof. You can either do it against a punching bag or even against the air. If you're a pro at it, you can go ahead and make your own combinations-jab-cross-hook-upper, jab-hook-knee-front kick, side kicks or jumping front kicks.

If you're beginning, familiarize yourself first with the various elements of kickboxing with instructional videos online. Look for kickboxing kicks, tabata jump kicks, jumping side lunges, or try home kickboxing videos.

So now you know how to get your heart rate up on gym-less days, without needing anything more than your body weight and a couple of basic fitness tools.

Start indulging yourself into a fitness regimen (including all these exercises) right away and let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

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