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15 Kareena-approved Habits For A Fitter & Leaner You

Kareena Kapoor Khan ने बताया, क्यों Homemade food है ज़रूरी; Watch Video |BoldSky

When somebody advises us on diet and fitness, and on how we should be sticking to a strict workout regimen, we don't believe it until we have a living proof, right? Well, here you have a living proof in Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena is more than a sizzling beauty and hot sensation of Bollywood. She had surprised her fans with her size-zero figure, the result of her disciplined life and dedication towards workouts.

Don't we all appreciate Kareena Kapoor for being an inspiration to us with her successful weight-loss journey post pregnancy too? Well, the actor not only lost the baby weight post delivery, she is in killer shape too!

She followed a strict diet regime and fitness mantra, under the supervision of her nutritionist and dietician Rujuta Diwekar, and her Trainer and Pilates expert, Namrata Purohit.

Kareena was keen on following a healthy diet and sustainable fitness regimen to get back to shape post pregnancy and did not want to resort to crash diets.

Here we share with you 15 healthy habits that Kareena followed to get back to shape, which may inspire you to get fit too.

1. Don't Go For Crash Diet, Eat Light And Healthy

This is the foremost rule that we should follow when aiming for weight loss. Crash dieting can get dangerous, leading you to lifestyle disorders, including post-pregnancy thyroid. This is because crash diets reduce the calorie intake to such an extent that your body is compelled to slow down its metabolism. When losing weight, you also need to rebuild your bone and muscle density, and in case you have lesser bone and muscle density, you may look flabbier. So opt for losing weight the sensible way, like Kareena did with healthy food and good old-fashioned exercising.

2. Have Seasonal Fruits Or Soaked Nuts Within 15 Minutes Of Waking Up

It is best to eat seasonal fruits, or dried fruits, or soaked nuts within 15 minutes of waking up. This helps the sugar levels rise gradually in your body. Munching on a fruit after a meal, although, a common practice, may not work well for your body. This is because when fruits get mixed up with other foods and have to wait to get processed, they ferment in the gut, which leads to bloating, indigestion and heartburn.

When you are at sleep in the night, your body enters fasting mode and transforms into an acidic state. So, when fruits are had early in the morning on empty stomach, they work best, as they are alkaline. Moreover, taking fruits prior to the main meal helps create a better gut environment for digestion.

3. Spend At Least An Hour In The Gym Doing Cardio

Don't you all agree that there are no gains without pains? The statement is true irrespective of whether it is you or Kareena. She obviously takes her fitness seriously and works out on most days of the week. Kareena swears by a mix of cardio, dance and yoga. She devotes at least an hour or two for her fitness workout. Her cardio involves running, biking and swimming.

4. Eat Protein After Workout. Go For Homemade Breakfast

The timing of when you have your meal is as important as diet and workouts in a weight loss journey. You should ensure that you have your breakfast within 90 minutes of eating your first meal (fruits/nuts). It is best to eat a homemade breakfast, and include ghee as part of it. For instance, whole wheat parathas or whole wheat bread, cheese, muesli, milk or soya milk are some options to consider.

5. Keep Your Snack Time Healthy

She prefers to take light and small meals every three hours to keep her energetic through the day. Nuts, coconut water, or soy milk is what Kareena prefers. Brown bread sandwich is also an option.

6. Switch To Brown Rice And Combine It With High Protein Foods

Majority of the women, who are aiming for weight-loss post-pregnancy, avoid rice, thinking carbohydrates add to the weight. But Kareena was advised by her dietician to have rice once or twice a day, as rice (brown rice) brings back the good bacteria which something strenuous as pregnancy may have washed out. Two hours after her mid-morning snack, Kareena's lunch include rice or roti, vegetables or dal, curd and salads.

7. Drink Homemade Fruit Juice/Buttermilk Two Hours Post Lunch

Within two or three hours post lunch, have a glass of buttermilk or homemade fruit juice. As evening snack include nuts too. Nuts are great for weight loss when consumed in moderation and, in the right way (without being roasted or salted).

8. For Dinner, Go For Whole Grains Like Millets Or Brown Rice

The ideal time to have dinner is two to three hours before bedtime. Kareena, being a strict vegetarian, prefers to have brown rice with mixed veggies, or millet roti with dal and veggies with a teaspoon of ghee added. Kareena's dietician advised her to increase intake of foods rich in Vitamin B12 and iron, such as chaach and curd, broccoli, and spinach. Foods like millet roti with ghee and jaggery can also increase iron levels, but, moderation is the key here.

9. Make Sure To Include Calcium-Rich Food In Your Diet

With a single pregnancy, it is said that women tend to lose five years of calcium storage in the body. Therefore, when you are regaining your shape post-pregnancy, you should also consider increasing calcium in your diet by including milk, low-fat yogurt and cheese, which Kareena followed.

10. Go Slow On Foods Like Pasta & White Bread

We all need to indulge a bit, once in a while. While strictly adhering to her diet and workout regimen, Kareena's trainer says that she loves to indulge occasionally, and enjoys pasta. Foods like pasta, noodles and white bread definitely cannot be part of a healthy diet, but, having your favourite foods once in a while will not make a huge impact, isn't it?

11. Move As And When You Can

Well, Kareena's work profile ensures that she is on her toes all day long. But, what if your work demands you to remain glued to your computer screen all day? It is important to get moving every now and then. Take a break every hour, and walk or stretch for a few minutes. Ensure that you take a stroll after lunch and post dinner. Walk the small distances when fetching groceries or vegetables. Take the stairs instead of the lift.

12. Switch To Organic Foods

A diet rich in organic foods including fresh fruits and vegetables have been associated with weight loss. It is said that if you are on a healthy diet, then swap those healthy foods for their organic counterparts, and your diet can make more sense. This is because organic foods have more health benefits than their chemical-based counterparts. So, stock up on these organic versions.

13. Don't Forget To Drink Plenty Of Water

It goes without saying that it is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of boiled and cooled water every day, just as Kareena does. Any weight loss or fitness programme will not show results if your water intake is low, as the toxins will not be flushed out.

14. Try To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine

Kareena is a keen follower of yoga and believes that yoga synergizes your body, mind and health. She is keen on practising power yoga and hot yoga, and apart from cardio, she practices yoga for two hours. She begins with a warm up session, followed by power yoga, Surya Namaskar, Ashtanga yoga, Naukasana, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana, Virabhadrasana, combines pilates and yoga, and does Kapalabhati. So, that is the secret of her toned and flexible body. Not to forget, prayers are also an inevitable part of her mornings.

15. Remain Positive In Life

Kareena strongly believes that to be fit and healthy, one should maintain a positive approach towards life. Therefore, following a balanced diet that is simple, yet a vegetarian diet, based on climatic condition of the place that you live, can keep you healthy. Meanwhile, practising yoga and including meditation can go a long way in keeping you relaxed and calm, and in helping you maintain a positive approach in life.

So, is there more proof needed that even Kareena has to work hard on her diet and gym to keep fit and remain in shape? Now, if you are looking for some self-confidence and motivation, why not take the Kareena-approved route?