Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want To Lose Weight

By Sripriya Satish

With a lot of health awareness programmes springing up in the city, it is a common thought for every individual to get motivated to shed those extra pounds to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone would be aware that exercise combined with a healthy diet can avert many health issues like diabetes, stroke, heart-related diseases, etc.

foods and weight loss

On the road to losing weight, you might encounter several hurdles, one of them being the food which you consume. Usually, the tastiest foods which your mind might crave for will end up being hazardous to your health.

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Read on to know more about the foods you should never eat if you are striving hard to lose weight and be in shape.

Fried Potato Chips:

Any fried food, especially, fried potato chips may end up being the most dangerous food to consume. There is nothing to be frightened of eating plain boiled potatoes as they do not contain any harmful ingredients that might cause us to put on more weight.

But when these potatoes are eaten in the fried form, they might be a huge hindrance to the weight reduction. Being high in calories and fat, these increase the blood sugar and insulin levels thus having a negative impact on the appetite and weight.

Carbonated Drinks:

If you are going in for carbonated beverages during your weight loss program then it is an extremely wrong thing to do. First of all, the bubbles present in these drinks can cause your stomach to bloat.

Secondly, they are very high in calorific values and might increase a hunger hormone called gherilin. The increased production of this hormone due to these fizzy drinks can cause you to consume more food that you might otherwise eat. This might make you fat, let alone helping you to lose weight.


Though the very thought of pastries might make your mouth water, it is an extremely unhealthy hindrance if you are striving to get back in shape!

Being rich in ingredients like added sugar and refined flours, they also contain artificial trans fats, which can satisfy your sweet tooth in no time. But your hunger cravings might start very soon and that might be the cause of weight gain.

Ice Creams:

Ice creams are, of course, very delicious and you might crave for more and more servings. But being loaded with sugars, it is very high in calories and might be a very wrong choice of food to be had during your weight loss programme.

The best choice would be to make homemade ice creams where you can customize it using healthy ingredients like fruits and yogurt.

Sugary Cereals:

Sugary cereals that you might opt for your breakfast may be the best choice at the first thought. But they contain added sugars and may provide your system with many empty calories which will be very hard for you to burn with exercise.

Though there are many fat-free kinds of cereals in the market, the lost flavour and fat are compensated by added sugars which are very unhealthy.

White Bread:

The reasons you should not go for white bread for your overall well being is that it is made up of highly refined flour and lots of added sugars which might lead to obesity and other health-related problems.

Being high on glycemic index it might lead to a sudden increase in the blood sugar levels which might even lead to diabetes.

Though the above-listed foods might be absolutely sumptuous and lip smacking, they might prove to be very dangerous for health and may lead to obesity. Stay away from these foods if you are serious about shedding those extra pounds.

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