10 Mind-blowing Benefits Of Pool Exercises

By Ipsasweta
benefits of pool exercise

Pool exercise or water activities are gaining a lot of prominence. It is best for people who can't stand the monotony of gym and other mundane exercises.

Pool exercise is cheap and fun because you can literally workout with anyone you want to, be it your partner or your furry friend!

It is also a low-impact exercise, meaning it is suitable for any age group - be it toddlers or even old people. You don't need a private pool for this exercise, you can use any water body, provided you know swimming and not risking your life.

Now, let's look at a few health benefits of exercising in a pool/water:


#1 Aids Weight Loss

Needless to say, the first and foremost motive of anyone who involves themselves in a pool ‘exercise' is to lose weight. Water exercises can help you lose weight quicker than the ones you perform on land. That is because any cardio or mixed workouts you perform is mixed with water resistance. The whole body gets a workout even if you target one specific area. An ideal of 30-60 minutes can do wonders to your body.

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#2 Improves Joint Health

These are low-impact exercises that help to improve joint health. The buoyant force of the water does not allow the exercises to put much pressure on the body or the joints, keeping them secure. You are also very likely to feel less tired after a water workout, nevertheless burning the same amount of calories as a land exercise. Regular swimming is very effective for reducing joint pains as well as strengthening the bones.


#3 Improves Flexibility And Mobility

You can feel very free while exercising in water because you don't have to be scared of falling down from anywhere. This is not the case in land exercises, where you have to deal with gravity. Water exercises help in increasing the flexibility of back and lower body, thus increasing your coordination and fitness.


#4 Reduces Blood Pressure

Water exercises help to circulate the blood more evenly and effectively in our body. This, in turn, reduces blood pressure and makes the heart healthier. It also helps to reduce the systolic and diastolic pressure, thus resulting in longevity of life and decreasing hypertension.


#5 Increases Muscle Strength

As mentioned earlier, when you exercise in water, your body gets an even tone and your muscles are worked out the most. That is the reason why all the world-class swimmers have very toned biceps and calves. You technically work against water resistance and that helps in the growth and strengthening of the muscle.

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#6 Reduces Stress

As mentioned before, you can literally jump into any pool of water either with your loved ones or a furry friend or all by yourself. No one can ever get bored of swimming. Water is very relaxing and soothing for your mind and helps to calm your thoughts. It stimulates endorphins, the happy hormones that help to uplift your mood.


#7 Additional Equipment Are Not Necessary

Needless to say, water resistance is enough for losing weight or gaining muscles in itself. There is no additional equipment that is required. It is completely different from the conventional style of exercising with weights and almost getting pinned to the ground.


#8 Cooling Exercise

Water exercises are the best during summer to get an escapade from the scorching heat of the sun. Water also helps to keep the body cool and calm and the endorphins that are released due to water exercises can also make you feel joyous and delighted.


#9 Low-impact Exercise

It is a very low-impact exercise, as compared to any land exercise. Therefore, it is suitable for all age groups, be it toddlers or old people. There is hardly any artificial impact from equipment and this makes it a very natural and healthy exercise. Your body is not subject to gravity in water and hence it reduces the risk of damaging your bones and joints.


#10 Builds Endurance

Lastly, water exercises are very important sources to build endurance and help in strengthening of the muscles. Water resistance is a more natural way of building endurance and muscle strengthening.

So, what are you all waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and take a dip to avail all these benefits!

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 30, 2017, 21:00 [IST]
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