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Are You A Dessert Lover? These Desserts Can Help You Lose Weight

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Desserts are a delicious opportunity to rewind and enjoy life. But if you're one of those who is trying to manage weight, then it might be accompanied by your guilty conscious at all times.

But what if we tell you that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without having the slightest feeling of guilt? Some desserts are known to not increase your belly size and also help you lose weight.

desserts that will help you lose weight

No, we ain't kidding you nor have we gone out of our minds. This article is all about those delicious desserts that you don't want to miss out on, which will help you accelerate your weight loss process.

We have mentioned some of the weight loss dessert recipes that have extremely low calories. Continue reading this article to know about the desserts that will help you lose weight.


1. Lemon And Ginger Ice Pops:

This recipe requires only ¾ cup of sugar and you can reduce that too as per your wish. This is a refreshing low-calorie combo that you can have.


2. Dark Chocolate Cake Pops:

These delectable delights are made up of black beans and contain just about 105 calories. Further, the cocoa levels in dark chocolate lower cholesterol and belly fat.


3. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Popcorn:

Melt a few squares of dark chocolate on to a bowl of popcorn and it contains just about 100 calories.


4. Peach Crostini:

Grilled peaches with low-fat cheese cream goes for a 150-calorie treat and you can keep aside all your feelings of guilt and love the summer!


5. Macarons:

This light snack will only go for about 120 calories and trust us, this is a guilt-free snack you can indulge in.


6. Creamy Chocolate-Avocado Ice-cream:

Here comes your most awaited part. This homemade low-calorie delicacy is best suited to help you lose weight along with the goodness of chocolate and avocado.


7. One-Ingredient Water Melon Sorbet:

If you do not want dairy products, then this light dessert is all that you need. You can gulp this down sans any guilt.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 16, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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