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Is Threadmill Harmful For The Knees?

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No doubt, treadmills are the best possible options to get a proper cardiovascular exercise indoors. But, it is important to know that using a treadmill in its proper way is important to maintain your knee health. Using treadmill for a long time or running on a treadmill with a wrong posture can harm your knees.

There are tendons and ligaments around your knees that connect with the muscles. These are very delicate structures, so that any injury to them can make the condition worse.

The most common knee injury that can occur in the treadmill users is a runner's knee or pain behind the knee cap, which occurs due to the friction of the cartilage.

Is a treadmill harmful for the knees? This is a very common doubt most people who use them regularly have. Running outdoors can also cause many types of knee injuries, but when we use a treadmill, chances are more.

is treadmill bad for your joints

Using treadmill correctly is an important factor. Also, before walking or running on a treadmill, you may have to consult a doctor to make sure that you are fit to do that, especially if you have knee pain.

The question whether treadmill is harmful for the knees or not may give you different answers. But, taking proper precautions can keep you safe. Here, we will discuss about some of the precautions to use a treadmill, without harming your knees.

is treadmill bad for your joints

Use A Knee Support
If you have knee pain, it is better to use a knee support before using a treadmill. Get your doctor’s opinion on whether you can use a treadmill for walking or running. Knee support will help to keep the muscles around the knee tight, making it easy to move the joints without pain.

Watch The Time
Is the treadmill harmful for the knees? Know that too much of anything can be harmful. Running or walking continuously on a treadmill for more than half an hour is not a good practice. This will put extra pressure on your joints.

Use the timer on your treadmill to set a time. Also, remember to prefer a speed that is most comfortable for you.

is treadmill bad for your joints

Keep A Good Posture
The main difference between running outdoors and on a treadmill is the body posture that you adopt. Treadmill can have some restrictions to move your hands more freely and to widen up your legs. Giving more strain on the lower body part to compromise this can cause knee pain. This is usually a problem with the beginners who use treadmill.

Lower Body Strengthening
Focusing more on the lower body strengthening is one of the effective ways to strengthen your knees. You can take the opinion of an expert physiotherapist or a physical fitness trainer to get the best solution that suits your health status.

is treadmill bad for your joints

Check With Your Doctor
Is walking on a treadmill bad for the knees, can be answered by your doctor after considering your health. It is important to consult a doctor before you start exercising on a treadmill, especially if you have knee problems.

If you had any surgeries on knees, never use a treadmill without the consent of a doctor. Certain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis should also be given extra care.

Therefore, the question if walking on a treadmill is bad for the knees or not, can no more be a concern if you follow these tips.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 6, 2015, 1:00 [IST]
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