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    Weight-Loss: Breakfast Ideas For Men


    Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day for several reasons. Your body would be craving for energy and fuel after a night of sleep. Breakfast plays a crucial role in weight loss and weight control.

    A large part of your diet plan for weight loss depends on what you eat for your morning breakfast. Most men think skipping breakfast will aid them in weight loss. This is a highly misplaced concept that does more harm than good.

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    By skipping your ever-important meal in the morning, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients and proteins that help your body sustain metabolism as well as keep hunger pangs away.

    Your body would be craving for these and hence there is better absorption of essential nutrients. The best way men can help their fitness plan is to include a whole grains and protein rich diet in their breakfast. This will also aid in some form of weight loss.

    A diet rich in whole grains and proteins help in filling your appetite and release energy on a even pace though the day cutting the risk of hunger pangs that results in constant eating or overeating.

    Having whole grain breads and egg white in your breakfast help in the intake of complex carbohydrates, which are very healthy for your body and your weight loss diet in particular. Meals rich in oats, wheat, corn flakes etc help in keeping your hunger at bay for longer periods.


    Whole grain breads

    Having breads made of whole grains like wheat, oats, corn etc help in consumption of complex carbohydrates that keeps you hunger free till lunch and help you consume far lesser than you would otherwise.


    Egg white

    Adding egg whites in your daily breakfast is a double whammy as they are a rich protein source as well help in as fat absorption. The white portion of an egg is known to reduce fat in your body, particularly the fat around your belly.


    Multi-grain cereals

    A breakfast tip men can adopt in their fitness plan is having multi-grain cereals such as oats, corn flakes, barley etc, which help in making you feel fuller for longer. Having these along with low fat milk, yogurt or fruits are an ideal breakfast option for you. We even get a variety of oatmeal mixture in the markets today that is suited to Indian tastes.


    Ground flax seeds

    You could add a spoon full of ground flax seeds to your cereal, yogurt, smoothie, or eggs. Flax seeds are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids next only to fish and organic eggs.


    Brown rice

    Many Indians depend on rice and varieties of breakfast made of rice. You can choose to switch from polished rice breakfast to brown rice variety and retain same taste and flavour. This helps in cutting down on carbohydrates and constant hunger pangs that haunts you through the day otherwise. If you are fond of rice and do not want to give it up, then try brown rice as part of your fitness breakfast diet.



    Men can include fruits to their fitness breakfast to help with weight loss. Fruits are supposed to be an integral part of your breakfast to provide you with all essential nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your body. Fruits are a rich source of not only vitamins but also fibre that helps indigestion and better absorption of nutrients by your body.



    Having dry fruits such as almonds before you start your breakfast is a well-known method to help in weight loss as well as provide you with rich source of nutrients and protein. Almonds have shown to help in absorption of fat in your body. You can choose to add them in your cereal or milk.

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    Story first published: Friday, January 24, 2014, 1:12 [IST]
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