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    The Many Health Benefits Of Drumsticks You Didn't Know

    By Neha Ghosh

    When it comes to taking care of health, nothing does it better than green vegetables and fruits. In current lifestyle, all of these go neglected. People get so much busy with their daily schedule that all they get to munch on is junk food. This keeps them devoid of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain good health. It is difficult to keep a track of all the vegetables you are taking in. As the season is in favour of green vegetables, drumsticks is one of the veggies that are widely used in Indian households.

    The health benefits of drumstick come as a blessing. It is one such vegetable that not only ensures that you stay healthy; it also wards off the probability of any other illness cropping up due to junk in take. It is loaded with all possible nutrients that you can think of. It contains all the vital minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and proteins needed for better health.

    One among the most beneficial vegetables is drumstick (scientifically called as Moringa oleifera). Let's talk about what it has to give. With these health benefits of drumsticks, it undoubtedly does qualify in the list of veggies that you must add to your daily diet.


    High Oleic acid content

    The drumsticks have high Oleic acid content which is an essential monounsaturated fatty acid required by the body.


    Vitamin C levels

    Drumsticks are known to be high in Vitamin C. Health benefits of drumstick are mainly due to Vitamin C. It helps fight against various infections, especially the seasonal cold. In case of blocked nose and ears, drumstick should be boiled in water and the steam from the preparation should be inhaled. This reduces the congestion. It boosts the immune system and also helps in several respiratory disorders such as asthma.


    The mineral bag

    Drumstick possess good quantity of minerals needed by the body on daily basis such calcium to strengthen the bones. Iron to keep anemia at bay and many others like manganese, magnesium and selenium.


    A popular aphrodisiac

    Drumstick is known as the aphrodisiac food since ages in India. It contains zinc which actually enhances spermatogenesis.


    Good for expecting moms

    The drumstick juice is advisable for pregnant ladies. It helps in reducing delivery related troubles, and also known to ease down the post delivery physical problems. It can also be used to induce better lactation in mothers.


    Rich in Vitamin B complex

    The pods as well as the leaves are good sources of the important B complex Vitamins such as Vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and folic acid. All these vitamins are involved in the digestion process. They help to breakdown complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats into simpler compounds. This adds to the health benefits of drumstick and its parts.


    Retards Aging

    Drumstick contains Vitamin A, which has been known and used in various age reducing beauty products as the main ingredients. Hence a regular intake of drumstick pods/ green leaves will save you a lot of money. It also helps in maintaining good vision and boosts the immune system.


    Blood purifier

    Drumstick leaves, pods are known for this property. It is best taken as soup. Helps in purifying the blood, reduces acne or pimple related problems. It also acts as a good antibiotic. The juice can be sipped on or applied directly on the affected area.

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