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Diet Tips For Obese Kids

By Super

Pampering your kid with whatever he/she fancies to eat may be tempting and common, but just as you yield to it, the flip side to it will creep in when your child will become obese. All over the world, obesity has been a physical problem. It is said that obesity in childhood could lead to type 2 diabetes and blood pressure in the later ages. It can lower self-confidence and lead to multiple health problems if it is not treated with proper care.

The reason for obesity in kids could be due to multiple factors ranging from genetic, environmental, psychological and social factors. But, the most important factor is uncontrollable and erratic eating habits and lack of exercise which leads to poor metabolism. If this is not conditioned or streamlined, it becomes extremely difficult for both parents and the child to deal with it from all spheres.

A diet rich in all nutrients and vitamins is healthy and good for the obese kids. It is important to have the right amount of food at the right time, this helps tackle obesity. Here are helpful diet tips for obese kids-

A healthy breakfast- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hence it is recommended that kids with obesity may have a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk. Add fruits like apple/ banana to make it tasty. Finger Millet/ragi porridge is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast option for obese kids.

Healthy juices- Replace carbonated drinks with healthy fruit juices like orange, watermelon, papaya, apple and grape. A glass of juice every morning alongside breakfast is also recommended for kids with obesity.

Push veggies- Most children detest eating veggies since they are bland. So, an ideal way to feed veggies would be to stir fry them or make soups, salads and whole wheat pastas for them. Ideally an obese child can eat a bowl of stir fried veggies like broccoli, carrots, beans and spinach with onion for lunch. A tuna sandwich is also a great option. Greek yogurt is low on fat and has the highest protein content. A cup of greek yogurt can also be added in the obese kid's diet.

Snack- Two slices of whole wheat bread with cucumber, tomato and onion minus cheese makes a low fat and filling snacking. A cup of either orange, watermelon, or peach juice can also be consumed sans sugar. Use honey instead of sugar.

Dinner options- 2 chapatis, a bowl of salad or a bowl of sprouts (highly rich in proteins) is a fulfilling dinner all by itself.

Encourage physical activity- Even the best diet cannot be useful without physical activity. Children must be encouraged to play outdoor games. For obese children, a strict regimen of daily workout for at least an hour is highly recommended. Group fitness classes like zumbatomic which is specially designed for kids must be taken. Swimming and aerobics will also help a treat obesity among kids.

Follow these diet tips for obese kids.

Story first published: Friday, March 22, 2013, 4:28 [IST]
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