Workout Mistakes During Bodybuilding

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Workout Mistakes During Bodybuilding
To get well toned six pack abs, you do not need to sit in the gym for long hours or just drink protein shakes all day long. A healthy diet and proper planning can help you get those six packs in the abs. When you hit the gym, you can to make some errors. These errors can affect the core body building efforts. If you are weight training and busy building those six pack abs, avoid committing these mistakes during workout.
  • Do not workout after a heavy meal. Light stomach ensures active body and mind. Heavy meal breaks down the body's energy and makes you lazy. Thus, have a light stomach. You can eat few fruits pre-workout.
  • Avoid twisting your upper body while doing sit ups. Many men think that twisting the upper body muscles is effective in getting six pack abs. Well, according to a study in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the muscles are equally active even without twisting the upper body muscles during sit ups. Thus, stick to one plain body movement while performing sit ups.
  • Straight leg sit ups should be done properly. Both straight and bent leg sit ups build a tension on the spine. People commit a mistake while doing this exercise for six pack abs. Gym freaks feel that the compression on the spine is good. Giving more compression on the spine can lead to back injuries thus damaging your spine for a lifetime. Restrict the bent leg sit ups to a particular number. Do not practice this exercise for body building if you get back pain.
  • Instead of bend leg sit ups, you can do ab crunches. Ab crunches are easy when compared to the other. If you are committing the mistake of leaving ab crunches then think again. Ab crunches also work on your abs and gives less pressure on your spine.
  • Most of the men take Ball crunches differently. They commit the mistake while bending on the ball. Few of them bend much more than required. Make sure you do not bend enough to see across the wall. When you lie on the ball, see that you look at the ceiling of the room.
  • Paying less attention to the ball during ball crunches is another common mistake that men commit during body building workout. Make sure that the ball is filled with air and is tight enough to take your body pressure. If the ball flattens when you lie, the effect of workout will be very slow. Ideally, the ball should push at least 2 inches inside when you lie on it.
  • Lifting the butt during plank exercises is a mistake that almost all gym freaks make. Lifting the buttocks can make it easier to control the body pressure that is falling on the elbows. But, rectify the mistake next time you do prank exercise. From the side, your body should look straight and the pressure of your body should fall on arms and toes.

Make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This makes it easy to stay full before workout. Moreover, sweating decreases water from the body and lead to dehydration. So, drink lots of water during and after the workout.

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