Weight Training Tips For Beginners

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Getting a well built and toned physique is a dream of every man. That is why, the idea to hit the gym comes first to their minds. However, weightlifting is not easy. You need to have the proper techniques to lift heavy dumbbells. If you are working out at a gym, your instructor can guide you, but there are many men who want to build their physique at home. Here are few simple weight training tips to help you get the best results without hurting yourself.

Weight training tips for beginners:

Weight Training Tips For Beginners

Compound exercises: You might get tempted to do curls from the very first week. But, control your urges as you are a beginner. Weight training should be done systematically or else you will end up hurting your muscles. Stick to compound and full body exercises for the first three months. Compound exercises have body movements that involve more than one joint. Thus it affects on more than one muscle group. Push ups, chin ups are few exercises that you should commence with.

Start weightlifting slowly:Picking up 10 kgs dumbbells on the very first day would not help you tone your biceps. Control your excitement and start slowly. Pick up 2 kgs first. Practice for 3-4 days and then increase the weight of the dumbbells to 4 kgs. In this process, increase the weight of the dumbbells gradually. This will prevent you from getting muscle pain and cramps. Remember, lifting light weights with more repetitions will build better and well shaped muscles.

Different muscle groups: Do not stick to building and toning just one of your body muscles. For example, just building biceps should not be your goal. Concentrate on the whole arms to shape them proportionately. Basically, your muscle group includes the upper body (shoulders and back), mid body (biceps, triceps and the chest) and lower body (abs, thighs, carves and hamstrings). You have to focus on toning all these muscle groups. Do not work on the same muscle group twice in a row. This prevents you from overworking on one particular body part.

Stretching is a must: Before and after weight training, do not forget to stretch and flex your body muscles. These exercises after weightlifting avoids muscle pain that happen due to heavy weightlifting. Stretching increases the flow of blood in your body thus preventing you from getting injuries and muscle pain.

Nutritious diet: If you are trying to build your muscles and increase your body mass, you have to include a list of nutritious foods in your diet. Foods that are loaded with proteins and vitamins will make it easy to increase your body mass. Protein shakes are a must for weight training men. After the workout, have protein shakes as it builds body muscles.

These are few weight training tips for beginners. Are you involved in weightlifting? Share your tips.

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