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Types Of Dance To Lose Weight

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Dancing can help you lose weight to a great extent. If you do not like to work out in gyms for hours and go on crash diets, try dancing. Dancing improves blood circulation, burns calories and aids weight loss. As a fitness regime, dancing is an effective way to burn those extra pounds from your body. Not all dance forms are effective in aiding weight loss. However, if practised regularly, some types of dance can make you get back in shape easily.

Types of dance to aid weight loss:

Types Of Dance To Lose Weight

Freestyle: This form of dance enhances you to move freely. Without bothering about the dance steps or body movements, you just keep increasing your pace by dancing anyhow. Freestyle not only helps you lose weight but also increases your body's flexibility. You can try this dance form on any type of loud music. Make sure, the beats are fast so that you can boost up your energy levels and dance non-stop. Practice for 30 minutes every day to lose weight with this work out.

Cabaret/belly dancing: Shaking the belly or lower body burn calories and helps shape up your buttocks. Apart from shaping the buttocks, belly dancing or cabaret also burns thigh and abdominal fat. So, if you want to work on your lower body parts, try this dance form. You can practice by watching videos or joining special dance classes. Cabaret increases your body's flexibility and keeps you fit.

Ballet: This type of dance is great to shape your body. Ballet requires a lot of stretchability and this can be best achieved by trying this dance form. The slow pace and posture required to do ballet is almost similar to yoga. Concentration will increase and flexibility of the body parts helps burn down fat deposits that make you look fat.

Pole dancing: You might feel that this dance form is not effective in weight loss. But, did you know that climbing and rotating on a pole makes you flexible? It also helps you burn down some calories. Pole dancing for 30 minutes every day is equal to 20 minutes in the gym. Try pole dancing to lose weight, tone muscles and shape your body.

These are few dance forms that can help you lose weight easily. Try them every day to get best results. Play the best high beat music to boost up your energy levels. Drink lots of water after this work out session. Dancing often leads to dehydration. So, if you have sweated it out and burned a lot of calories, drink lots of water after you are done!

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