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Food & Exercise Can Prevent Heart Attack

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Prevent Heart Attack
Heart diseases are nothing new. Cardiovascular diseases are increasingly reported among young individuals too! Rising stress and pressure levels both at workplace and home has affected the general health of the youth today. Earlier, heart attack was commonly found among aged men who have crossed 50 years of age. But, now, even women in their early 40's are troubled with cardiovascular diseases and heart strokes among men.

Unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet are also reasons behind suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In order to prevent yourself from cardiovascular diseases especially heart attack, you should have the below listed heart healthy foods.

Heart healthy foods to prevent a heart stroke:

Pomegranate: This red juicy fruit is effective to prevent heart diseases. Pomegranate reduces inflammation in the heart because of its rich in vitamin-C. Inflammation often leads to heart diseases. So, have a glass of fresh pomegranate juice everyday to improve blood flow in your body and lower blood pressure.

Garlic: Often doctors advice heart patients to have garlic regularly. The smelly rose also prevents you from getting heart attack. If you are diabetic, have garlic. Garlic not only controls blood pressure but also blood sugar levels for both diabetic and non-diabetics. You can have this spice everyday to reduce the chances of heart diseases. Garlic also increases the blood flow in your body and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Sweet corn: Sweet corn is rich in chromium, a mineral that prevents you from cardiovascular diseases. It consists of folate (vitamin B9), a vitamin that protects your heart from stroke and blockage.

Kiwi: This fruit is quiet healthy for your body. For a healthy heart, you should have this fruit every day. Fiber and antioxidants in kiwi fruit reduces bad cholesterol from the body. It is also rich in potassium, magnesium and copper; minerals that lower blood pressure and protect the heart from blockage.

Berries: Polyphenols in berries protect the heart from unhealthy blood vessels. Cell damage creates harmful blood vessels that lead to blockage. Berries are rich in antioxidants that lower blood pressure and increase good cholesterol levels. For example, blueberries reduce inflammation and strengthen heart.

Apart from including these heart healthy foods, you have to work out regularly to burn extra fat and reduce cholesterol from the body. Exercise increases elasticity of the blood vessels and also improves blood flow in the organs.

Exercises prevent heart attack?

·Walking, especially brisk walking

.Jogging, beginners can go for slow jogging

·Cycling, speed cycling. Paddling cycle in gym also works

·Swimming, regular strokes

These are few exercises that can prevent heart attack. A regular workout regime ensures a healthy and active heart. Always consult your doctor before starting these exercises.

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Story first published: Monday, June 11, 2012, 10:07 [IST]
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