Myths On Women Weightlifting

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Weight training is one of the most popular exercises to stay fit and maintain a perfect figure. Both men and women have become gym freaks to lose weight and boost up stamina. Well, working out is very important but beginners are always scared to start weight training. There are many myths that are associated with weightlifting. That is why, women especially think twice before opting for this type of exercise.

What are the myths about weight training? Find out the common myths that are related to weight lifting.

Myths On Women Weightlifting

Myths about weight training in women:

Myth: Weightlifting makes you bulky and masculine

Fact: Women cannot produce too much testosterone like men, so there are no chances of building masculine body. Women with heavily built body take anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) to build muscle mass. If you practice weightlifting without taking steroids, you will get a cellulite-free body.

Myth: Breast size increases through weight training

Fact: Weight training enhances the shape of the shoulders and back but not the chest. If your breast size increases, it is because of the fatty tissues. Breast fat is due to the fatty tissues and not weightlifting. If you have breast fat, you will look bulkier from the chest.

Myth: Muscle turns to fat if you stop weightlifting

Fact: There are many gym freaks who think that leaving weightlifting will make them fat. The fact is that muscle can never turn to fat. The only way to avoid weight gain after leaving weight training is to control bad eating habits. If you eat more than before, you will put on weight.

Myth: Weightlifting causes hemorrhoids

Fact: Breathing in the wrong method while weightlifting increases the chances of getting hemorrhoids. While lifting weight, hold your breath and push it against your closed glottis. This increases the pressure in your abdomen and not back. If you breathe and exert pressure on the anus, you can risk your health.

Myth: Weightlifting causes blood pressure problems

Fact: When you lift heavy weight, the blood pressure increases and gets back to normal after you keep it. Once your sets are done, your blood pressure gets back to normal. Weight lifters have less chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems because it lowers your systolic & diastolic blood pressure.

Myth: It weakens uterus of women

Fact: Women are often advised not to lift heavy weights but if done with guidance, it can help lose weight and get in shape. Avoid lifting extremely heavy weight if you are not capable of lifting such bundles. This can have an impact on your uterus. But, light weightlifting (when done with proper techniques) will not damage the uterus.

These are few myths that are related to weightlifting. Have you heard more than these? Do share with us.

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