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Lose Tummy Fat In Just 7 Days!

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There are many methods that you can use to lose weight. Following a strict diet or hitting the gym can help you lose weight. But, you need time to shed those fat deposits from the body.

If you think that going on a crash diet can help you lose weight faster, then you are wrong. This is a wrong method to lose weight and fit into your old jeans. When you find out that you do not fit into your old clothes anymore, you only think that you have put on. What is the conclusion? You start eating less and try to workout sometimes. Well, there is a step by step guide to lose weight. If you go for weight loss plan in centers, they will take minimum 3 months.

As Christmas and New Year parties are knocking on the door, it is time to get back in shape and lose the belly fat.

Here are step by step guidelines to lose tummy weight in just 7 days! If you follow these steps, you can lose weight in just a week. Now you will not have to worry while wearing a body hugging dress or a saree to flaunt your curves. Check out the simple steps to lose tummy fat in 7 days.


Step 1: Eat less

If you continue to eat the same amount of food, you cannot lose weight in a week! To shed the fat deposit in your tummy, you have to control your diet. This does not mean that you should stop eating food. You just need to control the quantity of food. For example, instead of two servings of rice, go for one small serving.


Step 2: Salads and fruits

Fresh fruits can be a healthy replacement for fried and high calorie snacks. If you feel hungry, just cut few vegetables like cucumber, tomato, broccoli, onions and have them raw. Citrus fruits like oranges and lime are fat burning foods.


Step 3: Hit the gym

The next step to lose tummy fat is to hit the gym. Working out burns body fat and sheds those fat deposits from the body. To fit into your party dress, workout 30-45 minutes everyday.


Step 4: Drink hot water with lemon and honey

This is one healthy weight loss drink! Lemon has acids that breaks down fat deposits from the body. Honey on the other hand is a great weight loss ingredient. Have this 3-4 times in a day (including after the meals).


Step 5: Reduce salt intake

If you eat more salt, you will suffer from water retention. Thus you will drink lots of water after meal and your tummy will look heavier. So, reduce the intake of salt and artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are rich in calories.


Step 6: Drink water

This is the last step to lose tummy fat. Drink lots of water. It keeps you fuller, flushes out toxins from the body and also improves bowel movements.

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