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5 Healthy Movie Snacks Options

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You would simply love to go to a movie. But, what about those hunger cravings in the midst? We all love to go to the theater with our pals. The movies fascinate us, but the thought of those unhealthy snacks in the movies gives us a terror. So, here are a few healthy movie snacks that you can choose from. All of them might be considered as a healthy way to snack upon while enjoying movies.

Popcorn: Popcorn is one of the best and healthiest of the movie snacks. But you have to make sure that you choose the plain salted ones and not the butter or cheese flavoured. They are also rich in antioxidants that help keep our body safe from free radicals. So, get that handful of this healthy movie snacks and crunch upon it.

Healthy Movie Snacks

Biscuits: What can be better than a pack of plain, non-cream biscuits. They are baked and contains the least amount of calories. And at the same time they are heart healthy and best way to crunch upon in a movie theatre.

Chocolates: Even a bar of chocolate might be considered as a good movie snack option. It will provide you with instant energy and will elevate your mood. Chocolates are beneficial for your health too. They too are a rich source of antioxidants.

Fruit Juices: Instead of bumping onto aerated drinks go for a glass of fruit juice in the theatre. Apart from providing you with glucose it will also give your body a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. You may have sugarcane, grape or any other juice that you desire.

Muffins: Another of the baked items that can be counted as one of the extremely healthy movie snacks. Have muffins of any flavor. They do not contain cream (high in fat content) and hence are healthy. They are also very low in calories and hence one of the best movie snacks. It is better not to go with the cream topped pastries.

Baked Chips: Baked chips are good as they are oil free and hence healthy for consumption. Avoid those deep fried potato chips and smileys. You never know in what oil they are fried. So, consider baked chips as a good movie snacking option and have them while watching a movie.

These are all some of the healthy movie snacks options that you will get in almost all the food courts of a movie theatre. Try them as snack options and remain healthy.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 8, 2012, 10:47 [IST]
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