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Myths About Burning Body Fat You Need To Know

Posted By: Staff

The moment you start putting on weight or you find yourself too plumpy, you start looking out for ways to reduce weight and get rid of that annoying extra body fat.

If you are looking at losing weight, then there are ample choices that you can take up.

But picking up the right one is something that many of us fail to do. There are a lot of myths that are attached with the fat-burning process.

fat burning

Nowadays, there are too many people talking about fat burning. From social network to online magazines to newspapers, everybody is constantly posting pictures of celebrities and their fitness regime.

But how far are they true? That's our topic of the day. Get over with the myths and know the facts. Also if you want to know whether drinking coffee really helps to burn body fat, then click here.

It seems hard core exercises can help you reduce less fat than simple ones; how far is this true?

They even say that you can reduce weight by being a couch Well, all these questions have answers here.

Top 7 Myths Of Fat Burning:


Myth 1:

The body makes use of a carbohydrate or fat source and shifts to one another according to the body necessities.

Fact: To burn calories, you need not worry whether it is carbs or fat calories (because calories are calories). All you need to focus is on the metabolic rate of your body.

The higher the rate, the more calories you burn. So in order to achieve this, you will have to concentrate on exercises and food types that increase your metabolic rate.


Myth 2:

Low-intensity exercises such as walking are far better than high-intensity exercises (cardio or running).

Fact: It's true. With low intensity exercises, you wouldn't be straining your body and the calories will gradually get burnt.

But with high-intensity exercises, you may burn more and your hunger pangs will make you replace the amount lost too quickly.


Myth 3:

High-intensity exercises help in fat burning even more.

Fact: A 15-20-minute workout may increase the fat burning efficiency but weight loss? There may not be satisfactory results.

Remember that fat burning is not as important as calorie burning because by the end of the day it is the amount of body weight that needs to be reduced and not the fuel source.


Myth 4:

You need to eliminate food groups to lose weight and fat.

Fact: This is totally wrong. It is not the food groups that you need to eliminate, but rather you need to eat a well-balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients that are required to provide the needed energy.


Myth 5:

Eating just two meals a day helps to burn fat and lose weight.

Fact: If you think skipping meals helps in losing fat then you are wrong. Skipping meals can actually lead to overeating and lead to a lot of major health problems like diabetes.


Myth 6:

Cutting down on fat foods totally helps to lose weight and burn body fat.

Fact: Eliminating fat totally from your diet does not help in burning body fat. Make it a point to have foods that are rich in good fats like avocados, almonds and olive oil.

These good fats help in keeping you full for a long time and also help in reducing the inflammation.


Myth 7:

Avoiding fruits to lose weight and body fat.

Fact: Avoiding fruits does not help in burning fat. Many people have a belief that fruits contain sugar and calories and they tend to avoid fruits. This is totally wrong.

Fruits actually contain natural fructose, fibre, vitamins and essential minerals that actually help in burning the body fat and in losing weight.

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