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Exercises Without Using Equipments

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Who says that a workout without equipment is not worth it? There are many freehand exercises that can help you stay fit without spending much money on equipments. If you want to lose weight or stay fit by working out regularly, you can easily try these freehand exercises that do not require any equipment. Check out...

Easy exercises without equipments:

 Exercises Without Using Equipments

Push ups: This is one of the most preferred exercises by men. Young men who wish to have a well built body do this exercise regularly. Even women do push ups to enhance their upper body mainly breasts size and shoulders. You can easily do push ups at home to shape and build the upper body muscles. Push ups benefit the chest, enhances arms especially biceps and triceps, strengthens spinal cord and shoulders. You can do push ups against the walls, on the floor or against your bed. It is easy and can be done at any time. Just make sure that your stomach is empty.

Squats: It is an effective freehand exercise that can not only keep you fit, but also helps you lose weight. You can do squats everyday to have a fit and active body. To shed those extra pounds from your body and also to stay fit, try squats. This is an effective exercise that doesn't require any equipment. This exercise is like standing up and sitting down. It is great to shape and maintain the lower body especially upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Leg lifts: Lifting your legs is good for your lower body. Leg lifts are done without using any workout equipment. Just lie down on your back and lift your right leg upwards as far as you can. If holding your leg straight is painful, bend your knee a little. Hold the position for few seconds and then relax. Repeat the same process with the left leg and do this exercise for 10-15 minutes to tone leg and abdominal muscles and lose weight.

Climbing stairs: It is one easy exercise that we all do almost regularly. Climbing stairs boosts up body metabolism, burns calories, improves blood circulation and increases the heartbeat rate. These benefits make this exercise a must for a fit and healthy body. Climb stairs everyday to avoid joint pain, tone leg and thigh muscles and also stay fit.

Ab crunches: This exercise tones and strengthens the abdomen muscles. If you want to get 6 pack abs without lifting heavy weight dumbbells at a gym, try ab crunches. Ab crunches are also done by women to get a flat stomach and also tone their thigh muscles. Ab crunches work on abdomen, thighs, spine and arms.

These are few exercises that can be done without using any equipment.

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