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9 Proven Ways To Never Get Diabetes

By Chandana Rao
How To Reduce The Risks Of Diagnosing Diabetes | BoldSky

The word 'diabetes' has become so common in our daily vocabulary today, because it is one of the most prevalent ailments in human beings!

When we think about it, most of us would know someone close to us who may have or is currently suffering from diabetes, right?

In fact, surveys have shown that the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased from 108 million in 1980 to around 422 million in 2014!

So, you can only imagine how bad it can be this year and in the years to come!

As we may already know, diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body fails to produce enough insulin or rejects it, thus raising the blood sugar levels to an abnormal extent.

When the blood sugar level is too high, it can lead to a number of diabetic symptoms such as fatigue, frequent urination, lowered immunity, slow healing of wounds, etc.

The unfortunate part about getting diabetes is that it cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be treated and kept under control.

Here are a few proven ways to never get diabetes, unless you have a family history of this disease.


1. Maintain A Healthy BMI

Numerous research studies have proven that maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of the best ways to prevent and treat a number of diseases, including diabetes. To have a healthy BMI, one must ensure that they lose or gain weight accordingly, by making healthy lifestyle changes. Having a normal BMI can cut down the risk of getting diabetes by up to 70%!


2. Consume Salads

Ensure that you consume a bowl of salad, with assorted vegetables and leafy greens such as carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc., at least once a day, before lunch or dinner. You can also add a tablespoon of vinegar to this salad. Consuming salads with vinegar can help the blood absorb less sugar from the meals you have later on, thus keeping your blood sugar levels balanced, thus lowering the risk of diabetes.


3. Walk More

As we may already know, exercising is very important to remain fit, good-looking and healthy for a longer period of time. When it comes to preventing diabetes, walking is one of the best exercises, which can help you! By adapting the routine for walking briskly for at least 40 minutes every day, right from a young age, your metabolic rate can be kept healthy enough to keep the insulin levels in your body balanced, to reduce the risk of diabetes.


4. Consume Whole Grains

Ensure that your diet consists of whole grains such as oatmeal, barley, brown rice, millets, etc., especially for breakfast. Whole grains are rich in a number of nutrients, including fibre. The fibre content in whole grains can help reduce the blood sugar levels naturally, thus preventing diabetes later on in life. Whole grains also have other health benefits like treating constipation, high blood pressure, etc.


5. Consume Coffee

Yes, although there are numerous arguments in the medical field regarding the pros and cons of drinking coffee, many research studies have stated that drinking 2 cups of coffee per day can cut down the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 29%. Of course, the coffee consumed must be without sugar. The antioxidants present in coffee are said to be responsible for this benefit.


6. Avoid Fast Foods

Today, fast food is easily available to us in many varieties and they can be hard to resist. However, consuming fast foods and processed foods like fries, pizza, burgers, etc., can lead to a number of ailments, including obesity, high cholesterol, digestive issues, heart problems and so on. These foods can also create an imbalance in the insulin levels in the long run. So, avoiding these foods can prevent diabetes in many!


7. Consume Cinnamon

By adding more cinnamon to your diet, in the form of cinnamon oil or powder, you can lower the risk of developing diabetes by 48%! Research studies say that cinnamon has the natural ability to lower the unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride content in your body. When these two factors are reduced naturally, then the blood sugar levels are also balanced, thus helping you prevent getting diabetes.


8. De-Stress Often

Stress is one of the root causes of a number of diseases, starting from a headache to major diseases like cancer - this is a fact. So, if you are someone who tends to get stressed out often, you could also be at the risk of getting diabetes. Trying relaxation techniques, yoga and finding other ways to reduce stress can lower the cortisol hormone levels in your body, thus preventing diabetes.


9. Quit Smoking

Yet another cause for a number of dangerous diseases, just like stress, is smoking cigarettes. Along with other major diseases like lung cancer, smoking is also associated with causing diabetes. So, getting rid of this habit as soon as possible and it can help lower the risk of getting diabetes.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 10, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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