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5 Ayurvedic Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

By: Luna Dewan

Of all the disorders, diabetes is one such disorder which once acquired stays on for life and the only way out is to keep it under control.

In case of type 2 diabetes, the sugar or glucose level in your body shots up and there is no enough insulin to pump it to the cells to be used up. This is why, type 2 diabetes is also known as the insulin resistant type of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes tends to affect all age groups. Initially, common symptoms shown by those suffering from type 2 diabetes are lack of energy, fatigue, weight loss, frequent urination, blurred vision and frequent hunger.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

Once it progresses, the patients also tend to have pain in the foot along with numbness; and whenever they get a cut or sore, it will heal very slowly.

Apart from bringing about a change in lifestyle and food habits, Ayurvedic remedies are also considered to be good for bringing about a control in type 2 diabetes, which come without any side effects.

Here are 5 Ayurvedic remedies to treat and control type 2 diabetes that you should have a look at.

1.Neem Leaves:
Take them either in the form of a juice or chew them fresh, neem leaves have been known as one of the best Ayurvedic remedies to control the blood sugar level. The nimbidin content in the neem leaves is considered to have the best anti-hyperglycaemic effects.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

2. Indian Gooseberry Or Amla:
Indian gooseberry, commonly called 'Amla', also known as the grandma's medicine, is effective for treating type 2 diabetes. Rich in vitamin C, amla helps to stimulate the production of insulin. One could have it in the form of a juice or a powder mixed with lukewarm water, in the morning.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

3. Bitter Gourd Juice:
Bitter gourd contains a phytonutrient that allows the glucose from the blood to be transported to other body parts like the liver and muscles, thus lowering the blood glucose levels in diabetic individuals. It is also known to reduce the alpha-glucosidase enzyme, which in turn helps to reduce the hyperglycaemia level and thus brings the blood sugar under control in the body.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

4. Panax Ginseng:
A popularly known herb in Ayurveda, the roots and fruits of panax ginseng have been found effective in lowering blood sugar level. The roots are first dried and then powdered, which are then consumed by those having type 2 diabetes.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

5. Gurmar:
Since ancient times, gurmar, a climber, has been found to be an effective Ayurvedic herbal remedy to treat type 2 diabetes. Taking just a few leaves, one could just chew it, otherwise the leaves can be dried and boiled like a tea. For those who want to do away with the bitterness, they can add some cardamom as well.

ayurveda cure for type 2 diabetes

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Story first published: Friday, May 20, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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