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COVID-19 Vaccine Slot Finder: Find COVID-19 Vaccine Slots In Your Area Using These Websites

While COVID-19 vaccinations have begun for everyone aged 18 and above, getting an appointment is difficult as slots are filled up fast. In addition to that, searching through the CoWIN portal manually to find an appointment is rather a long and slow process.

But worry not because a number of developers have been creating resources to make it easier for people to find out when the next vaccination appointment is available nearby, speeding up the whole process of booking COVID vaccination through the CoWIN platform.

Here are some of the up-to-date sites that can help you find out open vaccination slots through alerts, using email, or chat services like WhatsApp and Telegram. Check out the COVID-19 Vaccine Slot Finder

Note: While these sites offer alerts to an open slot nearby, you will still have to go to the CoWIN portal to book an appointment. These sites do not let you book appointments, only find slots.

Websites To Find COVID Vaccinations Slots


A recent endeavour by health-tech start-up HealthifyMe, the website provides information on a range of queries. This includes separate availability of vaccine slots for 18+ category and 45+ category, type of vaccine available etc.

You can search for vaccination availability by entering the district or pin code. Once through, lets you filter the results using age group (18+ or 45+), type of vaccine (Covishield or Covaxin) and its cost (Free or Paid). In case there are no slots available, users can opt to be notified through email or WhatsApp.


Created by, the website works only for the age group of 18-45 years. The site is simple and direct. All you have to do is type in the site address, select state and select district. If there any slots available, they will be shown.


Said to be possibly the first of its kind in India. is a single-page website developed by four friends, each from a different field of work. The website has no other purpose but to notify you when a slot is available for the COVID-19 vaccine in your area. Users will only receive an email from the once slots are available. The website sends out no confirmation for registration or any other emails.


Another site that can help you to navigate through the covid appointment bookings quickly is Like other sites, it also uses the CoWIN open API to allow people to search by their city, or by their PIN code, or to enter their State and District to find the nearest booking for a COVID-19 vaccine.


This website helps people aged 18-44 to search for open vaccination slots nearby. You can head to the page, enter their state and district and find slots nearby, and offers district-specific alerts on Telegram, notifying users when the vaccine is available in specific areas.

On A Final Note...

According to a recent update from the Govt., it was mentioned that certain changes were made to the API that is used to get the vaccination information, but developers have also made changes, helping people find vaccination appointments.

Story first published: Sunday, May 9, 2021, 13:16 [IST]
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