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Fabrics You Should Be Wearing As Per Your Body Type

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Women everywhere are blessed with varying and different body types and each body type looks best in certain fabrics. With the growth of civilization, we now also have an assortment of fabrics available.

Starting from poly blends to traditional textiles, the types of fabrics are also quite bewildering. Dressing in the right type of outfits based on your body type can be quite difficult, so we are helping you today by breaking it down to the type of fabrics that will make you look even more stunning and help your assets take the front seat.

Here are the fabric types you should be wearing for 6 different body types.


Hourglass Shape

With smaller waists and wider hips and chest, women of this shape should flaunt it like they own it. Opting for fabrics that sit well on you and accentuate your curves is the best.
Fabrics: Satin, silk blends, cotton, spandex and jersey fabrics.
Avoid: Bulky fabrics, woollens, boxy or stiff materials.


Pear Shape

Smaller shoulders with wider and more rounded hips and thighs mark the pear- shaped girl. Fabrics that drape better and do not cling to the bottom and thighs are the best.
Fabrics: Chiffon, georgettes, polyester blends and viscose.
Avoid: Sequins and shiny fabrics for the bottom half. Also, avoid fabrics that would cling too much or would be too bulky for the bottoms


Apple Shape

With a heavier bust and tummy, women of this shape need to strike the right balance between fitted and loose. With skinnier arms and legs tighter fabrics will only make the torso look heavier.
Fabrics: Wool blends, viscose, cotton and knits.
Avoid: Spandex, satin and chiffon.


Athletic Build

Due to the angular nature of their body women with an athletic build should opt for fabrics that give them curves. Tighter fabrics cling to your curves and look great.
Fabrics: Spandex, cotton, satin, and silk.
Avoid: Leather, wool, and heavy knits.


Petite Frame

With a smaller overall frame and a shorter stature, women with this body type are blessed and can pull off most fabric types.
Fabrics: Linen, cotton, wool-crepes and spandex.
Avoid: Bulky fabrics that make your frame look even smaller. Puffy fabrics are also a big no.


Plus Size Figure

This body type can be defined as voluptuous, with a bigger bust and butt. The trick with this body type is to highlight the assets while being able to hide the problem areas.
Fabrics: Cotton, linens, nylons and lighter knits.
Avoid: Clingy fabrics that stick to the frame.

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Story first published: Friday, July 1, 2016, 16:48 [IST]
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