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Are You A Kareena Kapoor Body Type? Then You Should Follow These 7 Fashion Commandments

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First off, let's describe what's Kareena Kapoor's body type? It's the Inverted triangle or the Apple-Shaped body type. That means you have fuller breasts but thinner hips. Your upper portion is measure more than the lower.

You do not have a defined waist because of a plunging tummy which also irks many apple-shaped ladies. Generally, an apple-shaped body type has broader shoulders with a larger upper body. When Apple puts on weight it is mostly on the midriff, resulting a wider waistline.

Broader torso should not disappoint you. Look at Kareena Kapoor, she is as gorgeous as any other lady in Bollywood. If you follow a simple fashion guideline, you can actually start embracing your body type than whining about it.

In any case, we really plead you to love your body regardless of your body type. The following mentioned simple fashion tricks can redefine your structure and enhance your best assets i.e., your bust and your legs.

So to conclude: If you are an apple-shaped body type, you'll have the following traits:

Larger Bust (Great asset)
Broader shoulders
Narrower hips
Less defined waist

Now, if you think you belong to the above-mentioned traits then read along. Before we start with what you should wear when you look like a Kareena Kapoor, let's throw some light on what you should NOT wear.

If you are an Apple, you should definitely avoid wearing the following:
1. Off-shoulder Bodycons (Any skin-fitting dresses are a big no for you.)
2. Shoulder pads (You already have required inches)
3. Baggy or bold patterned tops
4. Large checks
5. Halter necks

And now for the do's scroll through...


Wrap Around Dresses

It's the best dress category for you guys. Since it doesn't not enhances inappropriate lengths.


Silk Dresses

Pick a fabric that skims rather than clings. Cotton and silk are perfect fabrics for you.


Round Hems

Round hems are perfect since they reduce the protruding waistline.


Monochrome Outfits

Monochrome adds length to the appearance. Avoid mixing colours.


Empire Dresses

Empire dresses which has raised waistlines is a good choice for you to create an illusion of waist.


Boot Cuts Or Flared Jeans

Boots cuts are an apt choice for your wardrobe. It also adds the inches to your height.


Belted Coats

Belted coats help you redefine your waist.

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