Dress For Your Body Type: How To Style Your Banana/Rectangular Figure

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If you want to look irresistibly beautiful without eating much or working out, then simple tricks with the outfits can do wonders for you. Also, it is suggested to select the clothing style as per your body type.

For instance, if a pear shaped person wears a-line skirts, it will make their bottom appear even larger. Or if an hourglass figure wears baggy clothing, it will totally hide their curves.

Though it is recommended to follow clothing patterns as per the body type but there are no hard rules behind it. It's just the tricks you need to add here and there and you can get the desired look. So today, we have decided to cover rectangular or banana body shape.

Now, how do you know if you are a banana figure? Your waist, hips and bust are smaller. You have almost no waist curve and have flat bottoms. You appear as an athlete. Your best features are your legs and arms. You don't have to minimize any feature.

You should try and add more curves. Try not to wear bodycons, monochromatic dresses and vertical strips which will make you look more rectangular. That was for the don't's and now for the do's, feel free to scroll through.


1. Buy The Right Lingerie

Since you are a rectangular or banana figure reading this, it is highly recommended for you to invest in the right set of lingerie. Right bra will add just the right amount of inches and will bring out the desired frame. You could go for push ups, or underwires.


2. Mini Skirts

Show off those toned shanks, which are also your best feature. Mostly, rectangle figure girls are tall and even if they are short they have just the right legs to flaunt skirts or anything above knee. Go for mini skirts and denim shorts with sneakers. If your feet are long then try to cover your toes with foot wears like bellies, loafers that will balances your lower half.


3. Peplum Tops

Although peplum tops are made to enhance the outline of your body but for banana figures, it is used to add the extra bit to the center. Since your waist is the tiniest, it is highly recommended to avoid concentration to that area and peplum top's flared hem just does the right thing.


4. Cut-Out Dress

It is not recommended for a banana figure to where a bodycon because of it's body-fitting character. But a rectangle girl can blindly go for cut-out dresses.


5. Empire Dress

The fall right below the bust adds the inches to your waist. Plus, it will make your bust broader.


6. Scoop Neck

Try a lot of scoop neck tops. With a heavy bust, there is always a problem of unwanted cleavage show. But for you, scoop neck can show off the collar bones and the slender neck.

Stay tuned for more on Dress For Your Body Type. Coming up next... Pear Shape.

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