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7 Super Stylish Work Outfits For Rainy Days

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It's pouring outside and you're working. Awful, isn't it? But we have just the right thing to compensate that. Your work wardrobe. Yay! Yes. In this piece, we are going to tell you how to nail work fashion when it rains. 

Rains are good for some and bad for some. But for fashionistas like you and us, it's always the best. Since it gives us many reasons to try hands on rain fashion. When it comes to work fashion rains can be a bit daunting. But no issues since we are going to teach you how to style your work look like a boss and also like a Bollywood diva. 

Add Culottes: Yes. You heard us right. Add culottes to your work wardrobe. It's not only formal but also comfy and stylish. Also, they are not full length which makes it easier for you to commute. Try something like Deepika over here. A white cape and light blue culottes.


Work Look

Petticoat Skirt: This can be your casual Friday look. Or, if you want to make it a bit more formal, add a crisp white shirt. It's comfy, stylish and easy when it comes to travelling in the rain.

Work Look

Formal Dress: If you're a dress person then this is your season. You can try a body-hugging formal grey dress matched with a small belt. The one that Kangana has worn here is quite formal. 

Work Look

Pants: Well, it's not recommended to wear pants during monsoon as it's most likely to get dirty. But if you roll up the pants and match it with nice flats or heels, then you can carry these off too. 

Work Look

Pencil Skirt: Try lace this monsoon season. Especially a lace pencil skirt. It is formal and neat. Plus, amps up your whole look right away. Take some tips from Sonam Kapoor over here.

Work Look

Skirt and Blazer Combo: If you like things to be extra neat and formal. Add a blazer to your dress. It's funky, neat and your HR will be happy to see how you follow the dress code at work. 

Work Look

A Dress: A dress but not a full-length dress. Avoid any full-length bottoms during this time. But if you really like to wear maxis, try something like this. It's not extra long. Just the right length to pull off at the work and outside. 

Work look

What do you think of this? And which one are you going to opt for this week? Let us know by commenting below. 

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