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Wedding Season: Antique Gold And Diamond Jewellery Every Indian Bride Must Bookmark


The tradition of wearing jewellery in India is part of the culture and has symbolic significance. It is almost impossible to imagine Indian weddings without gold and diamond, especially when we are aware of the concept of 'solah shringar', which means a bride wears sixteen different pieces of jewellery that make her auspicious.

There is a belief that gold brings abundance along with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Today, along with gold, the demand for jewellery pieces with diamonds, pearls, and precious stone embeds has also increased to get that regal look on special occasions.

Every piece of jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers brings with it a fascinating story from the past and it is crafted with care by skilled artisans, to capture the essence of the wedding season and suit everyone's style. Here is what to expect if you are prepping for a wedding or planning your D-day ahead!

Kalyan Jewellers brings to you a diverse range of wedding jewellery collections to mark your most cherished moments and commitments and to be passed down through generations by creating new beautiful memories while treasuring the old ones.

Antique Heritage Gold Collection To Celebrate Indian Brides

The charm of a beautiful piece of jewellery is hard to resist and owning a new one is always special. Magnificent and royal, each one of them is finely crafted with intricate details. Therefore, Kalyan Jewellers brings to you their Muhurat collection to celebrate Indian brides and embrace the significance of every 'muhurat' or auspicious time. The brand ensures that every bride finds their iconic pieces on their precious day. You can gift it to a to-be bride or make your significant other feel special on your anniversary.

Gold has always been a quintessential part when it comes to celebrating different phases of life and therefore, this wedding collection is for every bride, from every part of India. The brand offers a wide range of hand-crafted antique jewellery that comprises chokers, long and short necklaces, bangles and drops from which you can pick your favourites. This will literally translate every bride's dream and personality into fine Indian jewellery that she will put on with pride and grace on her wedding day.

Diamonds Are Timeless and Not Necessarily Expensive

New-age jewellery lovers have become experimental with time and something that they cannot resist is variety. Capture the essence of wedding season by investing in stunning pieces of diamond jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers. From neckpieces, bracelets, earrings, rings, tiara, you can get the best pieces for yourself with a single click. When you shop for your loved ones then you ought to have a piece of jewellery that will capture the depth of your emotions. The perfect tailored gift option jewellery that will capture the essence of the wedding season, and cater to everyone's taste and style!

Nimah, Mudhra, Anokhi, Rang, Vedha, Tejasvi, Apoorva, Ziah, Laya, Glo, Hera and Candere- the range of styles offered by Kalyan's popular house brands are rare and sophisticated as they are flawlessly crafted by artisans so that you forever cherish these fine pieces of jewellery.

About Kalyan Jewellers

With over 150 showrooms, Kalyan Jewellers is spread across India and the Middle East. Kalyan's Four Level Assurance Certification on gold jewellery is a through multiple purity tests and are all BIS hallmarked special initiative to continue enhancing the brand's commitment towards offering the very best to its loyalists. While jewellery retailed at Kalyan Jewellers goes, the 4-level product certificate promises customers to assure purity, identifies exchange and buy-back terms and that provides a detailed product description. Also, it ensures free lifetime maintenance of ornaments at any of the brand's showrooms.

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