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Must Read Monsoon Wedding Tips For Prospective Brides


With dramatic azure sky and the washed flowers blossoming more prominently, monsoon weddings are special. The weddings in the rainy season give you the luxury of posting pictures on Instagram with a hashtag #nofiltersneeded. The whole aura is effortlessly romantic during monsoons. A wedding in monsoon can give you a distinctive feel and if you are adventurous enough, you should opt for a wedding in the company of nature. However, when it comes to all-things fashion, a lot of care has to be taken when getting married in monsoons. You have to take care of the fabric of outfit, the kind of outfit, jewellery, and even your footwear. Even a small amount of rain can ruin your outfit and who wants her wedding look to be ruined on her special day, isn't it? So, let's talk about monsoon weddings.

Now, apart from hues and designs, the fabric has to be taken a lot into consideration in case your wedding is in the monsoon season. So, for instance, while velvet can be your favourite fabric, this fabric is not apt for monsoon weddings and similarly, silk might be a luxuriant fabric, please avoid pure silk outfits. However, when mixed with cotton or khadi then silk ensembles can be worn. The reason velvet or pure silk shouldn't ideally be worn in monsoon season wedding is because of the humidity. These fabrics are particularly meant for cold climate and during monsoons such heavy fabrics can make you sweat. So, opt for good old cotton, georgette, khadi, or linen during monsoon weddings.

So, the fabric is sorted but the style is still unsorted. So, for monsoon weddings, go for fuss-free ensembles. The layered and sheer should be avoided. Layers can add to the complication and if it rains, a sheer outfit would tend to stick to your skin. So, simple wedding ensembles should be preferred. Also, don't wear cape outfits or the attire with long dupattas with train as the sludge can ruin your wedding outfit. The belted dupattas are a strict yes-yes for the monsoon weddings. You can even invest in a wedding outfit with pockets as they enhance the comfort quotient.

Once, the outfit is decided, your another area of concern is what footwear should be worn. Obviously, your footwear should complement your attire but during monsoons, there is more to choice of footwear than design. Yes, you can wear juttis as they are comfortable and if you want to look taller, opt for wedges. Don't wear pencil heels as during monsoon season it can get uncomfortable. Coming to jewellery, well you can try and wear oxidised silver jewellery, if it matches with your outfit. But silver jewellery requires a lot of care, so you can go to a jeweller for a silver dip to restore its sheen. Platinum is a better choice and if you are thinking of gold, you must clean it with soapy water. Pearls should be kept in a pouch and should be sported at the end only. For monsoon wedding, gemstone and diamonds are the best as they require the least care. So, for now, we hope we have covered some monsoon wedding essentials for you. Let us know if you need more tips.