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Monsoon Wedding Trends & Tips For Women

What's a wedding if it is not a monsoon wedding? The wedding season is up and all the wedding halls will be booked and packed with the sweet scent of flowers and series lights. With all the dhoom dhamakas and shava shavas, the wedding occasions take place amidst the heavy rains. For such occasions, the bride and the groom need to have a clearer idea as to what to wear and how to get decked so that they look elegant for their once in a lifetime event. Take a look at the monsoon wedding trends for the season.

Monsoon Wedding Trends Tips For Women:

1. Wedding Dress - A wedding cannot be called a perfect wedding without a proper bridal dress. Donning a white colored dress is now an old fashion, and also, not a very apt choice for the monsoon season. The traditional color White symbolised purity and innocence in the bride and wearing lengthy lehengas and gowns was common during olden days. But now, it is time to get practical with colors and styles as these kind of colors are extremely difficult to handle in the damp season. It is best to go for the maroons, dark blues amd greens with fabrics like satin as even a rain droplet or dirt can be easily wiped off. It also a better idea to choose the nature colors (monsoon season colors) like the blues, greys and marves.

2. Hairstyle - It is best to let the hair loose as the climate isn't windy and wouldn't tangle hair. Frizzy hairs can be strightened and straight hairs can be blow dried. The looks are simple but always ranks as number one in the list of monsoon wedding trends. Soft curls will add to the look. Fresh orchids or lilies can also accessorise your hair naturally.

3. Make Up - Always go for waterproof cosmetics, specially the eye make up. Never overdo when it comes to make up, keep it simple. Avoid foundation, instead try calamine creams. A matte compact and light gloss should complete the look. Instead of frequent facials, one can even go for chemical peels as there is no sun (months before the wedding).

4. Jewellery - Nothing like diamonds that look more dazzling than the rain drops in the season. It best to select the monsoon collections of shiny diamonds or platinum jewellery. Sparkling pearls and kundan jewellery are also in trend this season.

5. Footwear - Going for bare foot sandals isn't a bad idea. One can even show-off platforms or heels like vintage, strappy, floral embellished etc.

6. Things That Come In Handy: Try persuading your family members and guests to carry colorful umbrellas for the gloomy evening.

These monsoon wedding trends are practical and aren't just like these tips. The tips are jotted down in points so that they can be easily remembered and shared with those who are unaware.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 10:00 [IST]