Finally Revealed! How To Style Winter Wears With Sarees & Lehengas!

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Winter wedding season is here! Now you can show off your expensive sarees and lehengas. And shiver to death in cold. Do you ever wonder on how to style sweaters and shawls with sarees and lehengas. 

A sweater is a big no. Since it takes away all the charm of your saree and same goes for the shawl. Then what? Just shiver in cold to look good? Well, no more. With our 10 tricks, you can wear all your favourite sarees & lehengas and still not feel cold. 10 ways on how to style your Indian clothes with winter wears. So this wedding season, don't let cold touch you...


Wear A Short Jacket With Saree

Sarees can be uncomfortable during winters. The amount of skin show in saree. But then how do you dress up for a traditional Indian winter wedding? Simple. Put a jacket on it. We are not kidding. Sarees with jackets are the new thing. Make sure the colour is well coordinated with your saree.


Saree Cape

Instead of layering your saree with a sweater and shawl, customise your saree. Sweaters and shawl only lessen the effect of your saree. An additional cape will keep you warm.


Long Jacket With A Saree

If you are too cold in winters, then go for a longer jacket. Instead of contrasting colours, you can even try to keep it monochrome.


The Velvet Saree

Velvet is a warm fabric. Go for a velvet saree that will keep you warm and will save you from extreme chill. Avoid light fabrics like chiffon and satin.


Contrasting Jacket With Sarees

You can amplify the look of your saree too. Get a contrasting jacket. If you're wearing a purple saree then go for a turquoise blue jacket.


Long Top Lehenga

These days long top lehengas are popular on runway shows. The sweeping-length skirt and a full-sleeved long blouse will keep you warm and garner you compliments.


The Heavy Dupatta

Get yourself a velvet maxi dress made and Indianise it with a heavily embroidered dupatta. It will keep you warm through the wedding. This is quite an offbeat approach to Indian fashion.


The Velvet Dress

If you would like to go for full velvet, then this one is for you. Drop lehengas and opt for a heavily embroidered floor-length dress. Something new, sexy and warm to rock the winter wedding season.


The Matching Coat-Saree Combo

Get yourself a matching overcoat as your saree. You'll surely become a hit this wedding season.


Black Stocking

If you feel cold in legs, then opt for a saree dhoti style and wear black stockings with it. It will stylish and chic.

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