How To Select Your Designer Lehenga For The Wedding Like A BOSS?

By: Aashita Gupta

Hey Brides! After all the zillion emotions you are drowning your head with, we understand you need a saviour. Saviour to get you through the biggest task - 'The Wedding Lehenga'. As the new trends in Indian lehengas for women invite more experimentation, sticking to basic shades of red is passé. Girls have welcomed some unmatched dimensions to look like a diva on their D day. So, if you are a bride-to-be, muddling with bountiful of lehenga choices, this is quite a piece you should not miss:

⦁ The Price Tag Should Not Be Missed:

how to select wedding lehenga

It doesn't matter if you are daddy's princess. No amount of price could deflect you from choosing that ingenious outfit for the wedding, but a smart bride always keeps an eye on the price tag to balance the wedding expenses. Every wedding is set with amount equally allocated for zillion of tasks, setting a price for buying that designer Indian wear outfit for the D-day shall not go in a veil.

⦁ Online Rescue For Finding The Options:

We are friends with the internet for a while now and it has taken its irreplaceable and concrete stand now. So, why look elsewhere than the internet for selecting from that range of options for the Indian wedding? There are not one but many online ethnic wear store that offers celebrity Indian wear clothes and exquisit

⦁ Set Your Colour Preferences:

how to select wedding lehenga

To make her wedding day memorable, a bride try and test hues that governs the market and fashion industry. Indian ethnic wear that is just spectacular in style may not go in a place with her choice of colour she wants to drape on her big day. So? Browse. Ask your friends. Or, for that sake imagine yourself for that day and see what should be the colour of your designer lehenga. Nudes, reds, pink or pastels, the market is carried away with a series of choices.

⦁ Bespoke/Customise Your Lehenga:

how to select wedding lehenga

As your bridal lehenga is, of course, crafted with plenty of embellishments, artwork, embroidered detailing and what not, you can always go and bespoke it with your choice of artwork. Your preferences should embrace your wedding outfit and therefore, you should not let it go from your eyes and mind.

Not to forget, exclusivity and integrity is the ingredient for you to stand out. Follow the trends, but do not imitate everything. Shower your own essence to stand out any look. You know it costs a fortune to find that one piece and when you have it, exclusivity should be combined. As a bride, you should eye for an undivided beauty that only you share and the crowd gets into embracing your charm.

⦁ A Mix Of Proper Jewels And Makeup:

how to select wedding lehenga

It's not only the lehenga or the outfit that amps up your look. It is a combination of a series of things to make you stand-out. Jewellery and makeup play big roles. However, brides in this stride get overboard and fall down looking gaudy. It's your wedding, you should embrace the charm you are setting within and set your makeup not too garish. More to it, jewellery must complement your outfit. If your lehenga is already heavy, go light on other aspects.

Try not looking too flashy, too showy, and too over the board, as its simplicity that defines the bride she is.

So brides, now you have it, explore your quests and find that dazzling lehenga, plan your choices and be the prettiest bride.

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Ashita Gupta - She loves to read, write, sleep, and work in this order. Eyeing the latest fashion and not missing any trend that has just been out, she has goals to make it big. Working for Like A Diva, she exhibits her fashion conscious mind on the front foot.

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