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Girl, Have You Lost Weight? We've Got Some Exciting Closet Tips One Must Have After Weight Loss!

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam

Have you lost weight recently? Wow that’s nice work! Now you must be feeling awesome about yourself after shedding some pounds yet you haven’t realised that there are unexpected surprises in store for you. Losing weight doesn't only mean you have reduced your waistline but you also need to understand that now you have to purchase a new wardrobe.

After losing weight nobody prefers to wear clothes that are not fitting. When you are in the point of weight loss your clothes may fit you but still they can make you look weird and unattractive. The downside of losing weight is that your clothes begin to hang down in certain weird places. Are you going feral with the clothes now? One of the worst problems that people face after losing weight is that their clothes seem to become too big for them.

Replacing your old clothes for new ones can never be easy and can be a daunting task particularly if you are planning to lose some more weight. It is never practical to buy clothes in one go as replacing turns out to be more pricey for most people who tend to stick to their budget. Yet it is clearly time for you to update your closet with new clothes if you want to look attractive and fashionable. Here are a few tips for buying clothes after weight loss.

Stay away from misfit/ oversized clothes
After having lost the weight you will be eagerly waiting for people to notice the loss of a few pounds or more and want everyone to come and tell you that you look incredibly stunning. If you want compliments from people then remember never to buy clothes that are oversized. If you are struggling to choose the right clothes for your body then avoid anything shapeless or drapey.

Keep In Mind These Things When You Buy Clothes After You Lose Weight

Stretchy fabrics are a must
Wear clothes with a bit of a stretch. The more stretchy the fabric it can easily fit you for a longer period especially during your weight-loss crossing. The advantage of stretch fabric is that it can be in charge of your body. You don’t face shortness of breath if the fabric is slightly stretchy (especially with the tightness of a top). One of the tips for buying clothes after weight loss is to always look for pants or dresses in lycra.

Invest in good shoes
Investing in some good shoes can ensure best fit. However it depends upon how much of weight you have lost. If you have lost more pounds then your shoe size can sometime change. Interestingly even an inch of heels can be comfortable for your calves. More importantly now you would find it easier to walk in thinner soled shoes than before.

Keep In Mind These Things When You Buy Clothes After You Lose Weight

Wrap tops or blouses
Anything in wraps can look great on women who often have weight fluctuations. They are certainly great options to wear while losing weight. Next time when you are shopping always keep in mind these things when you buy clothes.

Belt everything
If you still have baggy clothes in your closet then try to include belt to your outfit. Wearing a belt can define your slimmer waist and can even transform your look. Try to get yourself a new belt with a slide ring when you are still going through your weight loss journey. These are one of the tips that you can incorporate for your clothes.

Keep In Mind These Things When You Buy Clothes After You Lose Weight

Bra fitting
Undergarments are certainly the foundation of every outfit and for this reason it is important to know that a poorly fitting bra has the possibility to wreck the outfit that you try to wear. Buying good lingerie is a reward to make you look attractive.

Pants, kurta or skirts with an elastic waist
Having an elastic waist does create an opportunity to wear certain clothing items even after losing pounds of weight as they tend to make you look fit. Try to keep in mind these things when you buy clothes.

Keep In Mind These Things When You Buy Clothes After You Lose Weight

Just like a belt is a must have wardrobe essential, the same applies to leggings. They are a perfect layering piece that can add warmness especially during cooler fall months. This is one such item that can be paired with different kinds of clothes.

These are some of the tips to remember when buying clothes after weight loss.

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