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#ShaadiFashion: 5 Essentials Of A Bong Bride's Trousseau


It's the season of winter weddings and it's high time we start taking wedding wardrobe seriously. So far we have covered bridal trousseau of South Indian and Maharashtrian brides and now it's time to meet our beautiful Bong ladies.

In this piece, we are going to cover the essentials of a Bong bride's trousseau. Bengali brides are famous for their simple and yet animated eyes. Bengali brides are the second most beautiful brides after Rajasthani brides. Their big fish like eyes and natural brown skin are simply beguiling.

Bong brides fall somewhere in-between Delhi brides and South Indian brides. They are not too gaudy like Delhi brides and not too simple like South Indian brides. The most highlighting feature of a Bong bride is the makeup. The kohl eyes and intricately done forehead make up with sandalwood paste is the most important aspect of a Bong bride's makeup.

The makeup brings the best out of a Bong bride's sharp features and makes her enthralling. As far as the trousseau goes, most of the things are similar to other Indian brides, but the most important thing to consider here is the cultural ethos.

Brides in Bengali culture adorn red Banarasi sarees with heavy golden border. Since red is considered as the auspicious colour in a Hindu wedding, most brides prefer to wear a red saree but pink and orange could be worn, too. So without wasting a single more minute, let's list down the essentials of a Bong bride:


Gold Noth

The noth is a hoop nose ring; chiefly made of gold. These days most brides choose to drop the nose ring, but traditionally it was preferred.



Tikli is the headgear of a bride. It is placed at the center parting of the forehead, right above the round red bindi. In other states, a tikli is also called Maang Tikka.


Tiara Or Mukut

A Bengali bride is incomplete without her tiara. The tiara is white in colour and adorned with intricate designs. It is placed right above the tikli.


Kneer Dol Or The Earrings

Kneer Dol are the heavy gold earrings that a bride is supposed to wear with her wedding dress.


Sandalwood Makeup

Sandalwood makeup is the most vital element of a Bong bride's wedding look. White designs are intricately done the forehead of the bride around a red bindi. Post the makeup, bride looks like some kind of a magic.

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