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Fashionable Indian State: Fashion From Uttar Pradesh - The Northern Province


Uttar Pradesh simply means northern province and that's because it's actually situated in the northern part of India. UP, as it is commonly called, has Rajasthan to the west, Haryana and Delhi to the northwest, Uttarakhand and the country of Nepal to the north, Bihar to the east, Jharkhand to the southeast, Chhattisgarh to the south and Madhya Pradesh to the southwest. This is a large state that has an area of roughly 243,286 km2 and is the fourth largest state in the country. All that said, we're not here for a geography lesson but to find out what fashion means to the beautiful people of Uttar Pradesh.

The men, women and children of UP are known to have a distinct yet fluid sense of dressing. Their wardrobes are quite varied because of the extreme temperatures through the year and this is great for us because we get to get into the nitty-gritty details of UP fashion. Let's head into the different aspects of Uttar Pradesh's costumes that make them super unique and stylish.

The people of Uttar Pradesh dress in a variety of traditional and Western styles. Traditional styles of dress include colourful draped garments - such as sari for women and dhoti - and tailored clothes such as salwar kameez for women and kurta-pyjama for men. Men often sport head-gear like topis or pagris. A sherwani is a more formal male dress and is frequently worn along with a churidar on festive occasions. European-style trousers and shirts are also common among the men. Lehengas are another popular dress worn by women especially during festivals and weddings or other important events.


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A dhoti is usually a white, rectangular, unstitched piece of cloth measuring roughly 4.5 meters. It is wrapped around the thighs and knotted at the waist. There are many names for this costume but in UP it is called a dhoti. It is also worn in different variants involving intricate pleating and accessories. This outfit can be as casual or as formal as one may prefer and keeps the wearer cool and comfortable at all times.


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A sherwani is a long coat-like dress worn over a kurta and curidar. It is usually associated with Indian aristocracy. It came from the mughal era and now ever groom in Uttar Pradesh dons a sherwani for his wedding. Accessories add to the charm of the outfit and can make the wearer stand out in a crowd. Simpler sherwanis are worn for pujas and festivals, it's a classy costume for Indian men.


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A pagri is a type of head gear worn by most men in Uttar Pradesh made from a long rectangular, unstitched cloth. They vary in shape size and colour and also tend to indicate the wearer's class in society. A pagri protects the head from extreme heat and cold, it is used as a pillow or a towel or a blanket. It's a very important part of a man's attire. Ornate pagris are worn at weddings and other big events.


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A saree, as we know, is a rectangular, unstitched fabric varying from 5 to 8.5 meters in length and 60 centimeters to 1.2 meters in width. Is is wrapped around the thighs and legs with one end going over the breasts and back. This simple costume can be worn for any occasion and UP is famous for decadent Banarasi silk sarees. Brides wear heavy, embroidered Banarasi sarees and it's an iconic look among UP women.

Salwar Kameez:

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This costume is a tailored one that is worn by girls and women of all ages. It consists of a long top, pants and a dupatta. UP is famous for chikan work and chikan suits are famous all over India. Pure cotton suits are ideal for the climate in UP and we think that they're elegant and fresh.


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A lehenga is a skirt, blouse and dupatta combination. It is like a hybrid of a salwar kameez and a saree. Lehengas are common in Uttar Pradesh because of its significance in their culture and history. Lehengas are also easy to wear and carry. Bridal lehengas are rampamt among UP brides and they're very beautiful. Bridal lehengas are ornate and embellished as much as possible. Banarasi silk is the most commonly used fabric as it looks royal and traditional.


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A ghunghat (or ghoonghat) is a long veil that's used to cover a woman's face in the presence of men, especially elders. It's a tradition that aims at keeping the modesty of a woman and hiding her identity. Though many feminists have fought against this ridiculous practice of covering a woman's face it's still followed by the rural women of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh.

This winds up fashion from Uttar Pradesh. Did you find this article informative? Did we miss anything? Feel free to tell us!

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