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Gaurang Shah Has Had It Enough With Copycats, Calls Out 10 Copycats Who Blatantly Copied His Designs


If you have seen the web series based on the life of Masaba Gupta, Masaba Masaba on Netflix, you would have come across a scene, where the fashion designer, Masaba confronts a shopkeeper, who has copied one of her designs. The web series highlights the issue of designer fabrics and outfits getting blatantly copied among other issues. Well, this just happened with Gaurang Shah lately but this time, the fashion designer, who is famous for his weaves and also an advocate of Indian handlooms, called out all those portals and individuals, who have copied his designs. These copycats had even gone to the extent of putting his shows' ramp images and the photoshoot pictures.

The designer's Instagram feed had a lot of posts highlighting the issue of copying. He called out a number of small labels and brands. He captioned those pictures as, "Stop stealing others work. We put in so much hard work in creating every saree. We use resources to get the shoot done and then you just lift our photos and take orders." So far, Gaurang called out 10 such labels and individuals, who have not only copied his designs but in some cases, stolen the photoshoot pictures too.

In one of his videos, he also mentioned, "Each saree takes anywhere between 2 years to 4 years to develop from the concept to the drawing to the execution to the weaving and it is so easy for others to just put images and take orders on someone else's hard work." He also captioned a few of the videos and pictures by not only calling out the copycats but also adding the caption, "Stop selling others design. You also know how much time and effort it goes in creating a saree. You buying from weavers who copy and selling them encourages the weavers to copy more. It's a sincere request to all the saree retailers to stop buying from weavers who copy designs. 🙏🙏🙏"

After calling out the copycats, he posted one of the photoshoots of a model in his blue nature-inspired patterned saree. In the light of his designs getting copied shamelessly, he added a disclaimer mentioning that Gaurang has all proprietary and Intellectual Property Rights vested therein. He also mentioned that any copy including a deceptively similar copy of the same will attract legal action against the offender. With the copied designs coming into the light, after Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Gaurang also posted this disclaimer.

Story first published: Saturday, September 12, 2020, 13:27 [IST]