Gauri And Nainika Dazzle Fashion Stage With Bright Hues, AIFWSS '16

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And now it's time to meet the sizzling siblings from Delhi -- Gauri and Nainika. They launched their designer label Gauri and Nainika in 2002, New Delhi. Majestic gowns, flowy skirts, floral motifs are a few design elements they revel in. They always had a penchant for feminine clothing.  

Presenting almost around ten successful collections at the top most fashion shows of the country, they have generated a huge number of fan base. Inspired by European era, Hollywood cinemas and many other aspects of 70s art, they have crafted their own niche in the fashion industry. 

They pay a lot of attention to fabric, cut-outs, colors and silhouettes. Their garments are meticulously stitched and impart the old world charm. 

The glaring red colour of the ensemble is indeed grand. The frills embellished with red beads is highly sophisticated. The entire outfit is accentuated with a pair black heels.

Gauri And Nainika Dazzle AIFW Stage

Looks like someone fell in love with red. What a majestic gown! The neat cut-out at the waistline charmed the entire fall of the fabric. The cut-out at the torso; magnified by the use of white beads and frills is a way too brilliant. It seemed like someone put together the shades of classic and grand. 

Gauri And Nainika Dazzle AIFW Stage

A remarkable use of frills around the shoulder and the fall of fabric is indeed brilliantly done. An ensemble worth spending zillions on.

Gauri And Nainika Dazzle AIFW Stage

Moving on with the colour red, let's talk about turquoise. Isn't it brilliantly used with a net? The beads and frills have done a complimentary job.

Gauri And Nainika Dazzle AIFW Stage

We like the shade of pink and the dramatised bow at the waistline. What a neat way to blend Victorian motifs with contemporary fashion.

Gauri And Nainika Dazzle AIFW Stage

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