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B'Day Special: Why Audrey Hepburn Is Still Our Style Icon?

By Devika Tripathi

There was a time when Audrey Hepburn revealed, "I never thought I was pretty." Wish, we the millennials of 2018 could tell her, how wrong she was.

In fact, Audrey has always mesmerised us with her delicate features and given us so many style inspirations that have definitely transcended the barriers of age and time.

On her 89th birthday, we want to take a trip down memory lane and talk about how this shy actress become a bold style icon.

Well, do you know that Audrey's journey didn't really start as an actor? In fact, she was training to become a ballet dancer; but she became malnourished under the Nazi occupation of Netherlands. As a result, she had to give up on her ballet dreams.

She moved with her mother to England and around that time, because of her brief parts on stages and in films, the budding starlet was discovered by the French novelist Colette. The diva played the lead role in the Broadway production of Colette's novel, Gigi.

And since then, Audrey starred in movies including 'Roman Holiday', 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', 'Sabrina', and 'My Fair Lady' among others.

So, she carved herself as a niche actress; but how did this lady who thought she was, "funny looking - just another skinny broad" made it as a legendary fashion icon?

Also, the words 'style icon' are so lavishly used that it becomes hard to differentiate between the real and self-proclaimed style icon.

With Audrey, like whatever she sported, it seemed so real and herself. Unlike Marilyn Monroe's sexy looks, Audrey chose to stand out with a sophisticated and elegant style.

She definitely got noticed because of her classy appearance. Also, her every movie showed an individualistic style of hers, which was so different from the fashion sensibilities of her times.

She never complicated it when it came to style. She kept it so simple yet graceful with attires such as an oversized white shirt, capri pants, and floral dresses.

The style sense we all women can relate to even today!

However, she made a big mark in the fashion world with her iconic little black dress (LBD) in her movie, 'Breakfast at Tifany's'. The dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy, who had a big hand in transforming her style and was also the fashionable diva's favourite designer.

While her LBD being still in-vogue today, let's take a look at her outfits that have made a statement of their own and the ones with which we can take an inspiration from:

1. Audrey's Givenchy's Dress With Floral Detailing For A Film Promotion

2. Audrey's Iconic Wedding Dress From 'Funny Face'

3. Audrey's Red Givenchy Dress From The Movie 'Funny Face'

4. Audrey's Costume Victorian Gown from 'My Fair Lady'