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5 Types Of Junk Jewellery To Go For During Durga Puja 2017


Just like any other occasion, attires for Durga Puja do not really go well with every kind of jewellery. It is necessary to be stylish and to avoid any kind of fashion faux-pas, not just during Durga Puja or any other festival but every time.

Bengalis have a particular nose for styling during Durga Puja and they make sure that they look better than any other day of the year.

As outfits are necessary, it is also mandatory to match them with the correct jewellery.

Apart from the traditional jewellery, junk jewellery is in trend. Not only are they trending but they are easy to carry, inexpensive, and most importantly, they do not have the risk of getting stolen, snatched or robbed during the pandal hopping.

To make your choice of junk jewellery simple, we have listed the most trending ones and have categorized them with their suitable attires.


Afghani Jewellery

It is the most trending junk accessory for this year's Durga Puja. It is not just trending but also very versatile. This jewellery can be matched with traditional as well as western attires. It is classy and also not too heavy to be carried. This is a must buy during this Puja season.


Tribal Jewellery

Tribal jewellery is one of the favourites of any Bengali. They mainly prefer such kind of a jewellery while dressing up in a Bohemian way or in a "Santiniketan" way. The Santiniketan style is specifically the style followed during performing arts on Tagore's compositions.

The Santiniketan style or 'Rabindrik' style is followed by most Bengali women. Tribal jewellery is the most favourite one during Durga Puja and it can never go out of fashion.


Terracotta Jewellery

Terracotta art is Bengal's traditional form of accessories made out of burnt clay. The art form is spectacular and women love wearing terracotta jewellery. It is also one kind that would be a hit during this year's Durga Puja celebration.

One can easily match their bohemian or traditional styles with terracotta jewellery. They are colourful and also very beautiful.


Dokra Jewellery

The Dhokra or Dokra art form is another form of tribal art and it is specific in Bengal. Dokra jewellery was mainly worn by the Dhokra Damar tribes who were the traditional metal-smiths of Bengal.

Dokra accessories look lovely with saris, skirts and salwars. They are very reasonable and this year, Durga Puja will be incomplete without them.



Well, this one is everyone's favourite, mainly because of its light weight and the colour variations it is available in. Feather accessories can add colours to an otherwise dull look. They can be worn for both traditional and western attires and can be worn by women of all ages.

Story first published: Monday, September 11, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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