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Men’s Fashion Trends That Attract Women

By: Ankit Gupta

Not for your mansion, not for your car, she will love you for who you are! Be it the shabby hair, puerile hoodies, or your loose track pants; all these could never make a woman love you any less, but the undeniable charm of a sharp sartorial appeal man bears the potential to put you at front in the league.

What a women seeks in man's sense of vogue has never been a part of any rule-book, but one thing is certain, that a practical woman never fails to notice a man's discerning dressing choices.

She doesn't expect men to style like the evergreen Richard Gere or Ryan Gosling, but she knows a sharp-dressed man with a peck of aplomb holds the capability of calling the shots!

After gathering the opinions of women belonging to different age groups and merging it with our own, we here have some chic male-dressing tips for you that could make a woman go weak in her knees.

All you dudes out there, have a look at this very useful piece of information and dress to impress, guys!


The Plain White Tees

Don't think much! When in confusion, go for white. To be honest, white on men is every girl's weak nerve. According to a study, an average woman perceives a man in plain white as 12% hotter. If you are wondering how to make an understated appearance without dressing too loud, team up your casual V-neck T-shirt with blue denims, and you will surely make her heart skip a beat and eyes rest on you for a while.


Nothing Like A Well-Tailored Tux

And they say, "A well-tailored suit to women is what lingerie is to men." I think that should be more than enough to explain what a well-fitted suit does to a woman. A gentleman in a well-fitted suit, smelling of cologne or after-shave is an actual treat to a woman's eyes and senses. A man in a well-tailored tux pips even the best-looking guys in casuals.


Rolled Up Sleeves

Women find a man with rolled-up sleeves more attractive than a guy trying hard to pull off his new gaudy T-shirt. You might be rolling up your sleeves to beat the heat, or as a fashion statement, but I bet you won't ever find a girl complaining. When asked few girls what it is, some of them replied it's the guy's toned arms that they find to be very sexy. Well, that's quite weird.


Eternal Affair With Leather Jacket

Be it the bag they are carrying, or the man they are holding, there is something about the leather that women can't choose to let go. Women fancy a man dressed in his chic leather jacket, as much as they crave for those expensive bags kept in the display aisle. When you'll walk the parade in your macho leather jacket, I'm sure she would not be able to look away.


Modish Henleys

First and foremost, we are not talking about a t-shirt here, the point is about 'Henleys', therefore, dare not substitute it with one of your casual round neck tees. There's something about Henleys that a girl finds extremely charming. When asked, most of the girls agreed to have a soft corner for a guy in Henleys with the first two buttons undone.


Flaunting That Sports Coat

Hitting up the streets in your plush tux might not be a very smart idea, that's why - 'The sports coat'. Along with making you look stunningly confident and professional; sports coat acts as a sweet escape for the guys who didn't find the idea of wearing a tux very comfortable. If you ask me, a sports coat is probably the one thing, after a well-tailored suit that makes you stand out in a woman's eyes.


Dress Boots

Remember always, Good Shoes take you to Good Women. What you put on your feet tells everything about you in just a few seconds; therefore, keep your footwear game strong and classy if you want to leave a lasting impression on a woman. To make an impressive shoe contact, what could be better than those classy Dress Boots resting in your shoe dresser? Dress Boots are just flawless for any look you are carrying from "Formasuals" to Trendy Casuals, plus they are a woman's personal favourite! What more do you have to think about?


A Sizzling Hot Beard

Grooming a beard is tricky, but ladies if your man can pull that beard off classily, he can certainly carry any look with aplomb. A majority of the women folk love the rugged & matured look of a man. A man with a sizzling beard, carrying those manly aviators with an unrivalled charm seems to be completely irresistible!


Arresting Aviators

Do you know the best thing about aviators, apart from the fact that girls find them to be incredibly sexy? They hold the power to make almost every male face seem heroic and bold. Chill out, if it's a bad hair day or you didn't take a shower, your aviators will keep the focus on your face.


A Hint of Cologne

Groom the habit to put an aromatic, preferably a musky, fragrance on before leaving your doorstep. Every man must know that wearing a pleasing cologne can boost his chances of attracting a lovely woman. Most of the women say that a good perfume even makes a pathetic sense of style somewhat tolerable.


And Yes! All That With A Peck Of Confidence

Confidence is the key, my friend. It is the poise and ease by which Channing Tatum or Tom Cruise pull off any kind of an attire that attracts the women. They don't expect you to blindly follow the "star-stuck" fashion league, but they do seek out for the "star-stuck" confidence.

Before you decide to follow any of the tips you find on the internet, here is a piece of advice for all you men out there. Don't blindly follow what anybody else is telling you to, mix-match your own sense of style if you want to make your own presence felt.

Always remember, fashion trends arrive and leave, but style comes from within and stays forever.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 21, 2016, 16:35 [IST]
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