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Remove Leather Bag Stains, Turn Sweater Into Socks & Many Other Tricks To Make your Life Easy

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Fashion can be hard at times, especially when you have a lot more to juggle in life. Keeping up with the trends and then having to implement them into your daily life can be quite a task.

There is always a way around and this time we are giving you 10 easy ways that can help you solve some of the most basic fashion-related issues we all face. The hacks not only solve your fashion crisis but also help you look uber stylish.

The way or means to solving your fashion problems do not always have to be expensive and time consuming. The key is to DIY all the way with basic resources.

Let us take a look at 10 such DIY life changing hacks that will immensely help busy and lazy fashionistas.


Patch Them Up

Grab one of your old denims that are ripped way beyond repair and use fabric patches underneath. They are very trendy right now.


Sweater Warmers

Cut up your boring old sweaters and woollen cardigans and transform them into leg warmers for the cold days ahead.


Wearing Stockings Underneath

Overly ripped denims can look too worn out and untidy at times. You can give them a feminine twist by wearing your stockings underneath.


The J-Crew Sleeve Fold

This fashion trend is something that all of you fashionistas should definitely know. It is stylish and is one of those classic trends.



When You Lose The Back Of Your Earrings

This happens all the time and every girl has been a victim of it at some point or the other. All you have to do is grab the erasers at the end of your pencils and use them as sturdy backs.


Tape Up The Hem

With changing fashion trends, the length of the skirt's hemline keeps varying as well. So just grab some hem tape and shorten the length of your hemline in a jiffy.


The Blazer Fit Test

Fitting can be such a headache, especially when it comes to structured garments like a blazer. The key is to remember that the shoulder of the blazer fits you right on the edge and does not droop.


Leather Jacket Fitting

Is your new leather jacket a bit of a squeeze? All you have to do is wear it and go out on a drizzly day. This makes the leather expand and take the shape of your body and it retains the shape from then on.


Stains On Your Leather Bag

Use your regular makeup remover or fresh wipes to remove the stains effortlessly from any of your leather products.


Wearing Shin Boots

Tucking your denims into a pair of boots can be quite difficult, but we have a solution. Just do a regular roll up of your denims and then wear one of your fitted socks over it to secure it in place.

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