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10 Worst Dressed Celebrities At Cannes Red Carpet This Year!


This year we saw some really great outfits at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, and when there is good there has to be some bad. We had to also witness some fashion faux pas this year including a few from some of our stylish regulars.

Though on the brighter side, this years worst dressed celebrities have drastically improved from the last couple years. Fashion can be tricky and quite hard to do, sometimes things just click and work out and spell out fabulously on the red carpet and sometimes they just don't.

It was not like these celebs did not try, they did and some tried a little too much whereas others were completely underwhelming. The Cannes Film Festival is such an elite event and it does deserve the best of fashion.

So, here we give you a list of all the badly dressed celebrities that failed to impress us.


Riley Keough

This brilliant actress showed up in a Gucci ruffled gown, the outfit looked more like a time-period night gown than a red carpet outfit.


Kristen Stewart

Kudos to Kristen for chanelling the punk rock look, but it was a huge miss with this outfit and the long pleated skirt and button down shirt.


Julianne Moore

This Louis Vuitton outfit was a structured disaster followed by a trail of broad fringes that looked more like an accident than a high end design.


Elena Lenina

We actually cannot begin to describe all the things wrong with this look, it seemed more like she showed up at the wrong event.


The Ma Rosa Girl

Though it looks quite pretty on sheer, this sea-world inspired outfit may not be the right outfit for a Cannes Red Carpet Appearance.


Vanessa Paradis

This pastel gown was overly under-whelming on the French singer, and looked more like retro curtain drapes.



The french actress' look confused us with the lace, plaid socks, black and gold shoes, ruffles, polka dots. Though it was more on the muted side, the look did not really click.


Paz Vega

This one was sad, since the elements were great with sheer and the right amount of ruffle with a belted waist and a plunging neckline, but the sleeves and the structure were a complete miss.


Julia Restoin Roitfeld

The fitted beige top followed by sudden ruffles around the hip, and then the sudden sheer with a trail of ruffle looked awkward and interrupted.


Araya A Hargate

A huge disappointment, this outfit is every bit stunning on this beauty but the knotted neck, the frayed edges and sheer cut-outs were the death of the outfit.

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