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FDCI India Fashion Week 2018: Sushmita Sen Celebrates Nature And Non-conformity With Her Ensemble

Sushmita Sen looks like a diva on LMIFW 2018 Day 2 | Boldsky

'Limoncello' is the word that can leave us wondering what does it mean. If we come across this word, most of us would have a quizzical expression on our face. If you search the word, you will find that this is an Italian lemon liqueur-a popular drink in Southern Italy. Now, while we got an answer, we wanted to connect the drink with fashion, because this is what, Bhumika & Jyoti's collection was titled, 'Limoncello'.

Later, we realised that their collection might not have a lot to do with the drink except for the shared name, but a lot to do with the environment, nature, and tulips. Bhumika & Jyoti have founded the first zero waste concept store in India and having an eco-friendly angle to the collection seemed more likely. This was their Spring-Summer 2019 collection and as such their breezy ensembles were dipped in the shade of green and white. Their outfits made for a perfect therapy wear. Well, in the world of smog-filled grey skies, grey buildings, and many more grey areas, this collection was much-needed.

Sushmita Sen was the showstopper. She brought alive the spirit of the collection with her twirling moments and radiant smile. Watching her, made us really appreciate the sensibility of the two amazing designers. Clothes do have the power to alter your mood, and it seemed that Sushmita was absolutely enjoying herself in the ensemble.

Her ensemble was splashed in luxuriant green hue. It was an anti-fit dress and abstract by all means. It was a dress for the woman looking for a mild escapism from the societal norms and taking a flight to the tropical lands, where she can be wild, free-spirited non-conformist. Sushmita's dress featured a corset bodice, flowy pleats, and ruffled asymmetrical hemline. However, it was that lightweight cape, which made a huge difference to the attire. Enhanced by subtle nature-inspired patterns, her flowy train notched up the bohemian quotient. It gave her attire a playful and fun-loving feel.

The classic turban hat added to the 50s vintage look. Though infused in modern sensibilities, there was a good-old-touch to her ensemble.

We loved the showstopper attire of Sushmita Sen's. Did you too? Feel free to share opinions in the comment section.

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