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Happy Birthday Sridevi: Versatile Actress With A Keen Eye For Fashion


Off screen, Sridevi Kapoor had achieved unsurpassed elegance. Born on 13th August 1963, she was the epitome of grace and was not just an iconic actress but also a fashion icon. Sometimes draped in her Kanjeevaram silk saris and at other times in something as peppy as a jumpsuit, Sridevi inspired awe. Her fashion was not restrictive by any means.

On the contrary, her style was as versatile as her enactment of the characters she played in the movies. However, when it came to fashion, the Chandni actress had an edge over many others. Sridevi knew fashion. She understood the nuances and had an eye for detail. She wasn't just an actress with designer lehengas or western dresses in her closet, she knew the meticulous details about her ensembles.

Couturier Manish Malhotra and a close friend of Sridevi Kapoor spoke about how Sridevi influenced his designs in an interview to Brides Today magazine. He said, "I learnt from her the little things like not putting lining in the sleeves, or how to stitch lining from the centre so that it doesn't fly up and about not putting gathers in the skirt and about putting more kallis for the waist to look slimmer." He further added, "There were several other nuances I imbibed from her vast experience like the back zip and dark points for the shapes to look better. Such was her influence that till date I address her as Ma'am."

Sridevi was definitely aware about design aesthetics and the details. Once she even revealed in an interview to Verve magazine, "During Mr. India, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and some of my other films, I used to sketch, sit with the designer and discuss the clothes to the last detail."

Well, actress Janhvi Kapoor's mother was, for sure, more than a fashion diva. Sridevi was an ardent fashion follower. She may not have incorporated a number of trends into her personal style but she knew a lot about present trends and her favourite designer's collections.

In this context, celebrated French footwear designer Christian Louboutin said about her in an exclusive tribute to Sridevi in Vogue India magazine, "She was a keen fashion follower, and every time we met after that she would ask for specific styles; she knew my collection very well and would remember the most intricate details. I would always accommodate her requests, and make her styles with a higher heel!"

On her birthday, we celebrate late Sridevi as a fashion icon, who has not only inspired us with her fashion statements but also encouraged us to appreciate the details and design aesthetics. Happy birthday, Sridevi!