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Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan: What His Clothes Say About Him?


Military cargos, black tuxedos, and hoodies accompanied by sneakers and dark shades are the kind of outfits and accessories that come to our mind when we think of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. His ensembles are mostly humble, not experimental, and we wonder how is he still so rooted? Is it because of his jet-setting life? Or that he doesn't feel so comfortable in jazzy clothes? Or it could be both. What surprises us about Shah Rukh is that his clothes, according to us, serve as a beautiful contrast to his personality.

The actor has a busy life; he is an insomniac by his own admission and he is one of the most versatile actors. And his clothes are muted-toned, have laidback aesthetics, and are very straightforward. We feel his outfits balance his unflagging energy.

Also, we feel Shah Rukh is very subtle - his humour is not over-the-top. He would easily slip in a witty one-liner and leave almost everyone in splits. And that ways we feel that his outfits are an extension to his personality. He is dapper and cool at the same time and he never lets his outfits overpower him. His clothes are as easygoing as his humour, isn't it?

Adding to that, we also feel Shah Rukh somewhere still connects to the middle-class sensibilities; till today we feel that he has never, for once, forgotten where he came from. Shah Rukh Khan has come from a simple background and then he went on to become one of the richest and most popular personalities in the world. That is a dream journey but such journeys can be marked by changing ideologies and perceptions. It can make one think that what do I connect with more - this world or that world?

His clothes, as such, are a reflection of accepting both the phases in life - the humble beginnings and private jets. For instance, see his airport outfits and he would be dressed up like just about anybody and then see him at the red carpet functions, he mirrors the spirit of a sophisticated man with discerning tastes.

However, even in his formal wear moments, the actor's fashion is relatable. He looks as if he is from within us, and not someone straight from the stars, as we have often talked about superstars in our younger days.

Well, fashionably Shah Rukh has been inspiring too. It is interesting to decode his style statements and we love the fact that he is so suave. His fashion has drastically evolved too but he has found his comfort zone in terms of fashion. We wish Shah Rukh Khan, a very happy birthday and hope he keeps on inspiring us stylishly.

Shahrukh Khan पर दिखने लगा बुढ़ापा, बिना मेकअप ऐसे दिखते हैं SRK | Boldsky

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