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Bollywood Style Notebook: Ranbir Kapoor – That Rockstar

Ranbir Kapoor Best Look fo 2017 | रणवीर कपूर के 31 बेहतरीन लुक | Boldsky

In 2011, Rockstar became a classic hit breaking all box office records, garnering ceiling high ratings from the otherwise ruthless critics. The movie starred the B-town heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, who made her Bollywood debut with this movie.

Jordan, a pig-headed rockstar, played by Ranbir became famous for his super stubborn attitude - surprisingly, but since Indian audiences have a special eye for difficult characters like him, it's not difficult to digest.

Obligatory to mention, the amazing playlist contribution by Mohit Chauhan and A.R.Rahman. The movie had everything that a typical Bollywood movie has: hero, heroine, some drama and songs that can be played on repeat for over a week.

Unlike rest of the Bollywood movies, Rockstar had an added feature that came with Jordan's wardrobe.
Ranbir did a good job in playing the rockstar who doesn't care about his shows, but this all would have gone for toss if the bad boy attitude was not accentuated with the wardrobe choices.

Imagine a rockstar with nerd glasses and boxers; not even close to the tough-guy-syndrome. Aki Narula and Manish Malhotra justified Ranbir's character with their incredibly stylish clothes. So here's to those who loved Jordan in pathani kurtas, headbands, and harems; and to the clothes for making him the bad boy we all adored:

Rockstars are all crazy but not all rockstars are crazy enough to get into a pair of balloon pants and sing in front of thousand people. Well, our Jordan is sure crazier than the rest. Here he wears a khaki shirt paired with a pair of blue balloon pants and that stubble. Indian rockstar, not bad...not bad at all.

Rockstars love mix and match. Sometimes they play with neons and some other times they act subtle. Here our Jordan is playing subtly in a blue pathani kurta and sleeveless brown leather jacket over it. He still rocks the stubble and neatly trimmed hair.

Tired of attention? Is that a thing? Yes, it is when you get it too much of it. So here's an apt look for not being so happy about the all rockstar limelight and Ranbir aka Jordan cladding it in black leather jacket and a scarf altered into a hat.

I love the pants in the picture below. The checkered pants highlighted with a sleeveless black leather jacket. I'm not surprised why girls went drooling over him. Since I failed to mention, please do pay attention to the headband.

Since he is not on stage it is alright for him to not be the bad boy for sometime and stick to headbands for his struggling period.

Well, sometimes it's okay to be colorful. Here our rockstar wears a kurta and highlights it with colorful jacket.

The military jacket and something close to a khadi colored Gandhi hat dramatized with long hair in the song Sadda Haq completed his bad boy wardrobe.

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