B-Town's Man In Black: Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most renowned actors in Bollywood. He started his Bollywood journey decades back with a couple of television series. After months of struggle, he finally landed a lead role in the Bollywood movie Deewana. Post that success followed him wherever he went. Movies like Darr, Baazigar gave him much needed recognition and eventually he starred in one of the most successful films in Indian cinema, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

And then on Shah Rukh Khan had nothing to fear, films and directors came handy to him. With his films, he also became a style icon. With a huge fan following like that, he had to keep his public appearances presentable. He did what was required of him. Colored his hair blonde, sported a bandana, grew a ponytail, worked hard for 6-pack abs, even his fractures started to look stylish. Remember the time he broke his arm and hosted a show with a broken arm? Can anyone look that adorable with a broken arm? No, only SRK can.

So today, we decided to pay a tribute to his signature style since Mr. Khan works so hard towards his wardrobe and also, his appearances. According to paparazzi shots, airport clicks and his event appearances, it has come to our attention that SRK is a mad fan of color black. He has been snapped innumerable times wearing black. Sometimes it's a black leather jacket, sometimes a black shirt. So let's have a look at some of his best looks in black:

Snapped: In his trademark jacket. SRK has been spotted donning this particular leather jacket a lot of times. Mostly, when he is returning from trips.

B-Town's Man In Black: Shah Rukh Khan

In this paparazzi shot, SRK is matching his love for black with a neat pair of white t-shirt and blue denims.

B-Town's Man In Black: Shah Rukh Khan

Courtesy: Naachgana

Here Mr.Khan looks utterly handsome in a tidy tux.

B-Town's Man In Black: Shah Rukh Khan

Courtesy: Mydosti

Well, who wouldn't love a personality like SRK's, and in shades of black? Are you kidding me? Even his haters secretly agrees to this.

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