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Mouth-watering Black Forest Cake Recipe [Video]

By Debdatta Mazumder

Christmas is near and this is the time of cakes, pastries and cookies. Black forest cake is really yummy to welcome Santa Clause on Christmas. This cake looks so adorable and tastes great too. If you want to make your kids super happy on his/her birthday, you can bake this black forest cake at home.

It will definitely be a great surprise for your kiddo and he/she will enjoy it to the fullest with his/her friends. You may wonder if it is possible to bake black forest cake at home. Trust us, it is possible and with simple steps too.

Here are the ingredients and the recipe of homemade black forest cake.

Serves - 6 wedges

Preparation Time - 20 minutes

Cooking Time - 30 minutes


For the Cake

1. Chocolate Cake - 1

2. Whipped Cream - 4 cups (beaten)

3. Canned Cherries - 16 (cut into halves)

For Sugar Syrup

4. Sugar - ½ cup sugar

5. Water - ¾th cup

For Garnishing

6. Chocolate Curls - 1¼ cup

7. Canned Cherries - 10 (whole)

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1. Buy a chocolate cake. It is easily available as eggless too. Cut it into 3 layers. Now, you need to make the sugar syrup to soak the cake in it. Take a vessel and add water and sugar into it. Stir the sugar continuously, until it dissolves into the water.

2. To add flavour, you can add any liquor like brandy, rum, etc. Let it boil and turn off the stove. Let the sugar syrup come to room temperature. Now, take a big vessel and start beating the whipped cream. Beat it until it becomes frothy and fluffy.

3. Take a cake stand and place one cake layer on it. Now, add sugar syrup on it and also layer it with whipped cream.

4. Make thick layers of the cream on the cake layers and spread well. Now, add cherries on the cake layer. You can also use whole cherries or cut those into halves.

5. Place the second layer and repeat the entire layering process again. Do the same with the third and top layer. Then, cover the entire cake with cream and level it smoothly. Make chocolate curls from the chocolate bar and decorate the cake with the curls and garnish the cake with cherries.

6. Don't forget to stick chocolate curls on the sides of the cake.Your homemade black forest cake is ready.

7. Cut it into wedges and serve it to your guests.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 18:35 [IST]
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