Blue Lagoon Cocktail: Going Blue With Love

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Blue Lagoon Cocktail
Blue lagoon is cocktail that is famous to get the ladies just in the right mood for a proposal. As today is proposal day and V Day is just round the corner, you can definitely try to master this cocktail recipe for a goof haul. As this vodka cocktail is famous with the ladies, it the guys who should use this as a Valentines recipe to try before they pop the question. The taste is fruity at best and with a sharp tinge of alcohol. The smell is like smelling a tropical beach on a sunny day. The colour, a transparent deep blue is the most attractive feature of this cocktail.

Blue lagoon cocktails are readily available in all pubs and restaurants serving liqueur; in fact you can actually get virgin versions of this cocktail recipe too. But as it V day and alcohol has it stipulated role to play we will stick to the original cocktail recipe with vodka as the base drink. The way you toss it up makes all the difference to this Valentines recipe.

Ingredients For Blue Lagoon Cocktail:

1. Vodka shot glass 1
2. Blue Curacoa shot glass 1
3. Lemonade ' normal glass (four times shot glass volume)
4. High Ball Glass 1
5. Ice 4-6 cubes
6. Slice Of Lime 1
7. Cherries 2

Procedure For Making Blue Lagoon:

  • Fill a high ball glass (special variety of cocktail glass shown in the picture) to the half way mark with ice.
  • Pour the vodka and blue curacoa shots into it at once and shake in a circular motion to mix it up. Do not use a stirrer to stir the drink because it will take the texture of it's taste away.
  • Pour the lemonade over the ice and alcohol mix. Again shake in a circular motion to mix it up.
  • If you want your drink to be stiff then use 3 parts of lemonade instead of 4. If you use two then it will become too stiff to be a proper cocktail.
  • You can garnish this drink with a variety of things. For a sweet under taste float some cherries in the drink. For a citrus touch you can put a slice of lime.

Serve your blue lagoon cocktail chilled in a beautiful high ball glass as your V Day special drink.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 14:42 [IST]
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