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Honey Roasted Vegetable Chicken [Video]

By Debdatta Mazumder

You usually may make different types of chicken recipes at home, right? But, this is the time of Christmas and New Year. This is the time to try something new to welcome your guests with an ever-lingering dinner menu.

When your kitchen is filled with freshly baked fruit cake and pudding, you can add a little more aroma and delicacy with this honey roasted vegetable chicken recipe.

Winter is the season of fresh and crunchy veggies. Incorporate these with honey chicken recipe and prepare an awesome dish for Christmas dinner.

It won't take much time and you won't miss the excitement of the Christmas party too. Now, follow the ingredients and method of preparation.

Serves - 4

Preparation Time - 20 minutes

Cooking Time - 20 minutes

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1. Butternut Squash - 100 grams

2. Fennel Root - 1

3. Sweet Potato - 1

4. Asparagus - 4

5. Broccoli - few florets

6. Small Red Onion - 2

7. Olive Oil - 4 tbsp

8. Carrots - 4

9. Rosemary - 2-3 sprigs

10. Chicken - 800 grams

11. Salt to taste

12. Honey - 100 ml

13. Garlic - 5-6 cloves (chopped)

14. Mustard - ½ tsp

15. Black Pepper - 1 tsp

16. Lemon Juice - 2 tsp


1. The first step is to marinate the chicken. Take a bowl and add mustard paste, olive oil, honey, garlic, salt and black pepper. Mix everything well.

2. Now, add rosemary and chicken into the marination and again mix well. Keep it aside for an hour. You can marinate it in the morning if you are preparing the dish for dinner. Now, take a baking tray and grease it with olive oil. Add salt, honey, garlic and black pepper and mix everything well.

3. Add all vegetables and marinate those into the mixture. Add marinated chicken with the veggies and bake the entire thing for 20-25 minutes at 220 degree Celsius.

4. Your honey roasted chicken and veggies are ready to be served. Arrange the dish with all the veggies and chicken and serve hot.

The dish will look colourful and apt for Christmas celebration. You can have it in your full course dinner or you can prepare garlic bread with it and a glass of red wine to welcome the New Year.

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